Development: TT @ 22 and 23 Months

This post has been sitting in my draft for so long that I missed the timeline to post it. LOL. I have edited it and added in the 23 month development of our littlest.

22 Months

Mastered Skills:

  • Can kick a ball forward
    I guess so. He misses the ball quite frequently.
  • Follows two-step requests
    Yes. I have tried asking him to pick up rubbish on the floor and throw into the bin.
  • Imitates others’ behavior
    Absolutely. When he is upset (for example, couldn’t get what he wants), he will cry and walk to a corner and cross his arms. Something his bro and sis does whenever they are angry. I think it all started with the eldest.

Emerging Skills:

  • Can do simple puzzle
    I have gotten him some wooden peg puzzle, he can identify which piece goes where but is unable to rotate them properly and fix it correctly.
  • Can draw a straight line
    <Insert doodle pic>
  • Can identify several body parts
    Head, Knees, Toes, Hands, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth

Advanced Skills:

  • Can put on clothing
    Nope. He couldn’t even take out his clothes properly.
  • Might be ready for a big bed
    Absolutely not. LOL. He has been co-sleeping in our room since he was a baby. In the past, he can sleep by himself throughout the night. Only require us to pat and stay with him for a short while should he wake up in the middle of the night. Nowadays, he will wake up in the middle of the night and climb onto our bed and sleep between us. And I notice he sleeps better and wakes up lesser when he sleeps between us.
  • Understands opposites (tall and short)
    I don’t think so. Never really tested him on this.

23 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Can make a tower of four bricks
    Absolutely. The boy loves stacking. We found him stacking up the bottles (tooth pick bottles, vitamin bottles, etc) on the dining table. And surprisingly the manage to stabilise them quite well and the tower can “grow” decently tall.
  • Can name a simple picture in a book
    Dinosaur! He is able to pick up Dinosaurs in the books. Even with a new book I borrowed from the library, he was able to recognise them. Of course he can named other items or actions like banana, bear, apple, sleep, etc.
  • Can use 50 single word
    I think so. Off hand the words I can recall are “Dinosaur, Banana, Bear-Bear, Apple, Eat, Sleep, Milk, Moo, I, Shoes, Socks, Change,  Mickey Mouse, Maisy Mouse, 汪汪队 (Paw Patrol in Chinese), 不要 (his latest verb), Daddy, Mummy, Jie Jie, TorTor (GorGor), TuTu (GuGu), MaaMaa, PoPo, YiYi, QQ, school, open, biscuit, potato, duck, dog, cat”. I’m sure there are much more but I didn’t really keep track or count them. But I think we have no worries about his speech development as of now.

Emerging Skills

  • Can make two- or three-word sentences
    Yes. I have heard him say “I eat apple”.
  • Can sing simple tunes
    Yes. His favourite song is “Happy Birthday” complete with candle blowing sound. LOL.
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other children
    Hmm. Not really. He still plays by himself most of the time and dislike people to “touch” his things, though he take his GorGor and JieJie’s toy when they are playing.

Advanced Skills

  • Can walk down stairs
    If we hold his hands or he hold the side, yes. Or if it is just one little step, he can do it by himself.
  • Talks about self (likes and dislikes)
    Nope. The most is “不要”.
  • Asks “Why”
    Absolutely no. LOL


Dear TT,

Time flies, you will be 2 next month. This month you started school, which was a big thing for you and the family. Your GorGor and JieJie are so excited that you are joining them in school. Unfortunately, you fell ill on the 4th day onward and didn’t go to school for a week. This tire Mummy, Daddy and MaaMaa out. Cause you are extremely grouchy and clingy. But you are slowly recovering now, hope your flu and cough will be gone soon and you will have a better night sleep.

And Mummy has to say you adapt well to school. By the 2nd day, you are totally fine without Mummy and Daddy around. Not sure if it is because you can see GorGor from your classroom and that provided you with some assurance. However, GorGor will be gone by the end of the month. Hopefully by then you will have built up a relationship with your teachers and friends.

Hope you will continue to enjoy school and be ready for your birthday party in school next month!


Development: TT @ 20 Months

Milestone chart from Baby Centre.

Mastered Skills

  • Will pretend to feed a doll
    Yes, though he likes to feed us and himself more.
  • Can take off own clothes with help
    Not really. He will pull up his shirt but can’t really do anything more than that. For pants, he could barely pull it down.
  • Will throw away an object such as rubbish in imitation
    I’m very sure he didn’t just threw away rubbish.

Emerging Skills

  • Learn words at a rate of ten or more a day
    He is definitely speaking more now. However, lazy Mommy has not been teaching him much. So I doubt he is at this rate at the present moment.
  • Can walk up (but probably not down) stairs
    Yes, but he still need to hold on to the side railings for guidance. Same for going down.
  • Searches for hidden objects
    Yes. He loves wearing GorGor shoes these days. So I have to hide it somewhere. And he will observe and try to find where I hide the shoes.

Advanced Skills

  • May start exploring genitals
    Have not really seen him doing that yet.
  • Draws straighter lines
    He loves to doodle. But so far they are still quite curvy.
  • Names several body parts
    No. Lazy Mommy again.


Dear TT,

We survived 1 month without A-Ti. Mummy is glad that you manage to adapt to our new A-Ti quite well. She seems to like you too. Carrying you when you eat or even when making milk for you.

You are also making progress in your speech this month. More words are coming out from you. Mummy thought she heard you saying “Peease MeeMee iPad/oped Door”. Mummy couldn’t make out you are trying to ask Mummy to open the door or trying to tell me my iPad is outside the door. Nonetheless its so cute.

We have also heard you say “bread”, “apple”, “fish”, etc. That day you are also in a good mood and said “谢谢” for the things we do for you. I must say MaaMaa have taught you well. Mummy only wish she has more time to read to you. And you are willing to listen to Mummy. Nowadays when Mummy tried to read to you, you just roam around ignoring Mummy. Well, Mummy just gotta try harder.

You still love your water play and bath tub time. There was a few times we setup water play at the balcony and you can play with it for a long time. Scooping water and pouring them over, making yourself entirely wet. And you always cry when we bring you out of the bath tub as you want to continue playing. The other time when we bring you to West Coast Park, you spend a long time scooping sand and pouring it out. You didn’t mind that they went onto your clothes. Mummy is happy that you are slowly adapting to sand play.

And you are such a TV kid. You can practically watch anything on the TV. Evening time when MaaMaa watches her TV you join her. And will “run” to the TV when you hear commerical breaks. Sigh, how do I get you to like reading more and TV less? Well, I guess we have to take things one step at a time.

So for now, stay happy, healthy and cute. Mummy loves you, always.


Development: TT @ 19 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Can use a spoon and fork
    Yes. He loves to feed himself. He is not very good with them as he tends to hold it right at the end. So by the time it reaches his mouth, some will drop along the way or he needs to use other hand to help push the food in. He uses his left hand most of the time when he eats.
  • Can run
    Somewhat. This little guy is an explorer. He likes to walk around and when you try to catch him back, he will “run” away from you.
  • Can throw a ball underarm
    Nope. I see him more throwing over head. Or more of him dropping the ball from his head.

Emerging Skills

  • Half of speech may be understandable
    Nope. I have a hard time trying to make out what he says. He speaks more now, but sometimes he will be mumbling some weird stuff that we totally have no idea what he is saying.
  • Recognises when something is wrong (e.g. calling a dog a cat)
    Not so sure about this. Sometimes he does laugh when he notice that we “named” the things wrongly. But we are not sure if he really knows what he is laughing at.

Advanced Skills

  • Can wash and dry hands and brush teeth with help
    Wash hand somewhat. He knows to put soap and will rub, but he doesn’t know he has to rinse the soap off. He knows where to go to dry his hands. Brushing teeth is tricky. He loves “brushing” his teeth, but would not let us do it properly. He just love chewing onto his toothbrush.
  • Can point to picture of cat or dog when you say the word
    Nope. That day he saw a picture of a horse, he calls it a “dog”…
  • May know when she needs to urinate
    Actually, we didn’t check him out on this. I think he has a potential for early potty training, but we are too lazy so he somewhat lost his skills. When he was younger, we took off the diaper, he will stand for a while than look at himself there, and next thing, he pees. But I’m seeing less of those. Sigh lazy Mummy at fault.
Daddy Wannabe. The littlest pretending to be Daddy, working on his laptop at his messy desk. LOL.

Dear TT,

Another wonderful month with you have passed. Every night when Mummy sees you asleep, she cannot help but think where has her little baby gone. In a few months time you will be going to school and you will be officially “two”. On one hand, Mummy wishes you to grow up and be more independent. On the other hand, Mummy wishes you to remain small and adorable. Mummy is just greedy. LOL.

Fortunately, we survived without ‘A-ti’ for two weeks already. You haven’t really call out to ‘A-ti’. Probably because there is a new ‘A-ti’ which you call ‘A-ti’ too. So we don’t really know which ‘A-ti’ are you referring to. Your old ‘A-ti’ really misses you, she messages Mummy a few times to express it. And this two weeks, you have been more cranky than ever. Not sure if it is because you are feeling less secure without one of your favourite person around. Mummy hope you can reunite with ‘A-ti’ soon.

Your love for music and dance have not diminish. Recently Mummy notice you can hum to the songs you like and even “sing” your favourite “小苹果”. When we reach the part “怎么爱你都不嫌多”, you can join us at the “爱你” part. Though maybe half a beat slower. You are so cute (Ok, Mummy is bias).

You are also getting better at getting your way. You will willingly kiss us on our lips when you want to eat something or get something. Or sometimes say “爱你” to get what you want. Well, Mummy usually melt at your adorable voice. Mummy always says, you have the “sweetest mouth” when it comes to calling people. Maybe that’s why you get away with things also.

Your favourite game now is “Where is GorGor/JieJie?”. This is a game where your GorGor or JieJie will shout out the above questions infront of you and they will run to hide. You always squeal in laughter as you run around to follow and look for them. These are moments where Mummy felt really happy seeing the play and love among you three.

Do you know your GorGor and JieJie really love you? I have never seen them throwing a tantrum at you. Even if you scream at them. They still treat you nicely and give in to your request. They also like to do silly things to make you laugh, which you will gamely do so. Encouraging them to do more. I think you love them too. You squeal into laughter and call them when they reach home from school.

Its funny how you call JieJie now. When you are upset with her, you will call her by her name though not very accurately (you call her Dee Xi). When we correct you, you will change it to JieJie. I guess its because you hear all of us call her by her name rather than “JieJie”. But nontheless, its cute, so Mummy sometimes call JieJie “Dee Xi” too. LOL.

So meanwhile, just continue to stay healthy, adorable and “sweet”. And whatever it is, Mummy and Daddy love you always.


Development: TT @ 18 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Will “read” board books on his own
    Yes! I’m quite happy that the littlest recently has taken into reading and is flipping through books. But I think I still didn’t read enough to him. I need to buck up.
  • Can pedal when put on trike
    Not really. Not sure is it because our trike is still a little big for him. So he couldn’t reach the pedal yet.
  • Scribbles Well
    He can definitely doodle. But what is consider scribbles well?

Emerging Skills

  • Strings words together in phrases
    Not really. This boy speech development has never been fast.
  • Brushes teeth with help
    Well, the helper has been trying to brush his teeth. But most time, he is just chewing on the toothbrush.
  • Builds a tower of four cubes
    Yup, I think he is able to stack up to 4. And he has been using can drinks for his stacking stunt. *faints

Advanced Skills

  • Throws ball overhead
  • Takes toys apart and puts them back together
    Nah. This boy is still the destroyer. He can pack all his toys into a box and proceed to empty it the next moment.
  • Shows signs of toilet training readiness
    Not really. But he has some sense. Sometimes he will pee when we take off his diaper. And every time he does that, he will look at himself down “there”. I think training him for potty wouldn’t be too difficult. It’s just whether I have the energy. LOL.
According to Daddy and Auntie, this is one of your favourite TV programs in the morning. This is how much Mummy is missing in your growing up. :'(
According to Daddy and Auntie, this is one of your favourite TV programs in the morning. This is how much Mummy is missing in your growing up. 😥

Dear TT,

This few days, you have been ignoring Mummy. When I come home, you no longer call out to me. When I want to carry you, you walk away. It breaks my heart. But I don’t blame you really. It’s all Mummy’s fault. Mummy caught GorGor’s stomach flu last week. And was in bed for about 4 days. I couldn’t play with you or carry you. After Mummy recovered from the stomach flu, her lower back pain recurred and she couldn’t carry you again.

Mummy is very upset with herself. She didn’t take care of herself and as a result she couldn’t take care of you. That day your GorGor make an innocent remark that you think Auntie is your Mummy. It’s an innocent remark but it hurts Mummy badly. But GorGor is not wrong. Mummy need to do more.

Mummy promise she is going to take care of her own health and body. So she can care for you, GorGor and JieJie. Please give Mummy sometime as she work on this Ok?

And a bad news for you. Auntie is confirm leaving early next month. I think you will suffer from missing her for a while. But Mummy will be with you during this difficult period. It is also a good time for Mummy spend more time in caring for you. Hopefully, we can brave through this and adapt as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy.


Development: TT @ 17 Months

Finally catching up on the development of TT. Our littlest is a month shy from 1.5 y.o.!

Mastered Skills

  • Uses a handful of words regularly
    Yup. His favourite: Drop, Biscuit, Sit, Bye Bye, Maisy.
  • Enjoys pretend games
    He could be seen frequently at the toy kitchen cooking up a storm. He also goes to GorGor’s and JieJie’s desk to “write”.
  • Likes riding toys
    Yes. He loves to climb up and down his tricycle, though he couldn’t really ride. He has another striding bike, which he will get on and try to stride, but mainly moves backwards.

Emerging Skills

  • Responds to directions (e.g. “Sit down”)
    Yes. He understands when we tell him to sit down. But the moment his butt touch the chair, he stands up again. LOL.
  • Feeds doll
    Yes. He “feeds” us too.
  • Talks more clearly
    Hmm. The words that he says often is definitely clearer. But he hasn’t really pick up a wider range of vocab.

Advanced Skills

  • Dances to music
    Yes. He love to dance. He will put his hands up (like a rocker) or shake his backside when he hears the music he likes.
  • Sorts toys by colour, shape or size
    Didn’t really try that with him. But he likes going to his siblings desk and picks all the small sharpener out and place them in a corner. Should do more sorting games with him.
  • Kicks ball forward
    Tricky. He loves playing with the ball and chasing after it. There are times where the ball move forward but not sure if he stumbled on the ball or he could really kick it.

Dear TT,

Its only a week since I last wrote to you. So I do not have much new things to write. You are still your usual happy self. You love to play “hide-and-seek” with your siblings. More like they hide you seek. You are always squealing with laughter when you go around looking for them. Especially so when you found them.

Time pass quickly. In 1.5 months time, Auntie N will be leaving us to go back to her family. I think you will miss her. She has brought you up well while Mummy and Daddy are busy at work. Mummy will miss her too, I know you are in safe hands when you are with her. Nonetheless, Mummy and Daddy will be going through this difficult period with you. Hopefully you can transit well with the new Auntie. Not to worry, we will be there for you.

2016 has come to the mid-year. So in a few months time you will be starting school. Mummy can’t wait for you to join Jie Jie so that you will not cry every time we go out for school or work in the morning. Mummy hope you will enjoy school.

For now, stay healthy and happy!


Development: TT @ 16 Months

Our littlest has start to assert himself and make his presence known. Well, here is his development so far.

Mastered Skills

  • Turn the pages of a book
    Yes. He handles board books well but struggles more with paperback or hardcover books.
  • Has temper tantrums when frustrated
    Absolutely. He has learned to scream when he doesn’t get things his way. And cries (badly) when we insist on removing him away from a place due to danger. I see terrible two coming.

    The littlest throwing his tantrum when we took something away from him due to safety purposes.
  • Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object
    Not really. He has a few “favourite” soft toys (Mickey and Minnie), but he is not attached to them. He just prefer them when he sees soft toys around.

Emerging Skills

  • Discovers the joy of climbing
    I think he discovered that months ago. He is always climbing up and down the dining chairs, sofa, bed and his siblings study table. When he goes to the playground, he also had fun climbing up and down the steps and slide.

    The littlest climbing up the slide because he couldn’t find another way up.
  • Stacks three blocks
    Yup, though he prefers to destroy than build.
  • Uses spoon or fork
    He prefers to self feed so yes we have exposed him to fork and spoon.
  • Learns the correct way to use common objects
    Yes. He takes the phone and pretends to call. He also aims the controllers at the TV, fan or air-conditioner. But sometimes its the wrong one, and he will be puzzled why there is no “reaction”. LOL.

Advanced Skills

  • Takes off one piece of clothing by himself
    He can somewhat pull down his pants, or remove the tape on his diaper. But has not succeed in removing them completely.
  • Gets finicky about food
    Yes. For food that he likes to eat, he will eat more and faster. For food that he doesn’t like, he refuses to open his mouth.
  • Switches from two naps to one
    The helper is taking care of him most of the time. She still tried to make him have two naps a day. But there will be days it will be so difficult to get him to nap in the afternoon. I did suggest to the helper to consider to switch to one nap. But I leave it to her since she is the one handling him.

Dear TT,

You seems to have grown leaps and bounds this month. You are talking so much more and your vocabulary has definitely increased. When you see us eating “junk food”, you will tell us “bee-cuit” (biscuit). When something fell onto the floor, you will say “drop”. When you want to watch TV you will say “maisy” (your favourite cartoon currently). When you take out a book to “read”, it will be “baa baa sheep”.

You love going to the playground. And is, mostly, able to get up by yourself either through the steps or the slide itself. You still have a cautious self. You will peep below before you take a step out, making sure that you will not fall. But when you see Mummy or someone there, you will do your leap of faith. Often, scaring Mummy and Auntie.

Making you sleep nowadays is difficult. You no longer allow us to carry you and pat you to sleep. Most time, Mummy will just let you roam near the mattress until she sees you calming down. Then she will carry and pat you to sleep. However, that is usually after you cried and threw a tantrum for being “confined”.

Mummy is happy that she seems to have more time with you now. After GorGor and JieJie finishes their work, you will come to their table to “study”. You will start taking out their pencils and highlighter and pretend to “write”. Mummy is happy just by your side watching you. I hope by your turn to “study”, you will still be willing to be sitting down at the table. LOL.

It certainly was an exciting month. Mummy is sure there will be more to come. Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy like you are now. Daddy and Mummy love you always.


Development: TT @ 14 and 15 months

Time flies… The littlest is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Mastered Skills @ 14 Months

  • Finger Feeds
    Yes. Due to experience from his siblings, we gave him lots of opportunities to feed himself using his fingers. We tried mainly on dried biscuits that are bite size so it doesn’t get too messy.
  • Empty containers of contents
    Yes. He loves to pour out his box of toys and leave them on the floor. *sigh*
  • Imitates others
    Yup. He is able to give us flying kisses complete with the kissing sound. Lol. And when his sister do silly antics to make him laugh, he will sometimes join the sister.

Emerging Skills @ 14 months

  • Toddles well
    Absolutely. He could do “small runs” too.
  • Initiates games
    Hmmm. Rarely. But there are times when we started a game with him, he will “request” to repeat. Like sometimes we carry and “throw” him on the bed, he will ask to be carried and will get ready into position for the throw again.
  • Points to one body part when asked
    Nope. I didn’t really teach him that yet. Oops, it’s time to start teaching him some things.

Advanced Skills @ 14 Months

  • Uses spoon or fork
    Not at that stage. Recently yes.
  • Matches lids with appropriate container
    Didn’t really try that with him at that time.
  • Pushes or pull toys while walking
    Yes. He has a push toy from Christmas and during that stage he loves walking around with that toy.

TT @ 14 Months

Mastered Skills @ 15 Months

  • Plays with ball
    Yes. He loves to throw ball or kick them. Although he is not very good at it.
  • Vocabulary increases to 5 words
    PaBa, MeeMee, DuDu, QQ, Bye Bye, No More… hope the names of different person counts. Lol
  • Walks backward
    Hmm. Have not seen him do that before until recently.

Emerging Skills @ 15 Months

  • Can draw a line
    Somewhat. He doodles a lot.
  • Runs well
    Yes. Its so cute when he runs.
  • Adopts “no” as his favourite word
    Nope. He still prefer to brawl to show his disagreement when really force to.

Advanced Skills @ 15 Months

  • Walks up stairs
    Maybe one or two steps with the aid of the railing.
  • “Helps” around the house
    Somewhat. He will potter around when my helper is vacuuming the floor. Or sometimes he will help to keep the toys only to empty the boxes again when we are almost done.
  • Put his finger to his mouth and says “shhh”

TT @ 15 Months

Dear TT,

It has been a very interesting two months. You seems to have grown a lot. Your command for language is better now. For a while, Mummy is scared that you have delayed speech development as you can’t really identify Mummy and Daddy. And you spoke few words. But now we are hearing so much more from you.

Somehow, you still have the habit of pointing to your nose when you call MeeMee. I guess it’s because when Mummy was teaching you who is Mummy, I always point to myself. And from pointing at the side of your nose, your index finger has now gone into your nostril when you call me. A little disgusting but still cute.

You are still a happy boy by and large. Always ready to laugh heartily when GorGor and JieJie do silly antics. And your laugh encourages them to do more just to make you happy. It’s such a bliss for Mummy when she sees that happening between you three.

Mummy also think you will grow up to be a chiongster someone who enjoys music and dance well. You don’t really listen to nursery rhyme but love pop song thanks to your GorGor and JieJie. You calm down immediately when you hear 小蘋果. At a stage, Auntie uses that song to help you go to bed. When you start to fuss in your car seat, we play this song from the car radio and you will calm down and sit quietly while you enjoy the music. Recently, you have somewhat learn to “dance” with the song. You will raise your hand up high and start to “bounce”. It’s such an adorable scene.

In the coming months, Mummy hopes that she can spend more time to read to you and teach you more things. You are clearly lagging in your vocabulary, so it’s time Mummy buck up. And mummy hope that you will develop a love for reading like your GorGor. So be prepared K? Lol.

Meanwhile, enjoy your toddler time.