Play@SG: 261 Jurong East St 24

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I’m a crap crab person. As in I love eating crabs. There was a year where I had so much crab that my cholesterol level shot to an all time high. It came down after I cut down on my crab feasting. However, ever since the kids came along, I hardly have a chance to eat crab. This is because I either have to feed the kids that leave me little time to eat, or I need to finish quickly so I can take care of them.

This year on my Dad’s birthday, my sis suggested having crab for dinner. I was very happy but I doubt I could enjoy my meal much because of the kids. But I was wrong! Why? It’s because there is this playground just next to the “restaurant”. The kids need not cross any road, and you can even watch out from your seat if you choose certain table. But I’m not revealing which “restaurant” it is as it’s not a sponsored post. You can ask Mr Google.

Anyway, back to the playground. The pics should tell the story.

An overview of one side of the playground.
The other side of the playground with the “restaurant” in the background.
Close-up on some of the features of the playground.

Base on the kids reaction, they will probably give a 4.5/5 rating for this playground. They played while waiting for food to be served and went back to play again after eating. I’m pleasantly surprise that even Loi enjoyed it. Cause she is the one who usually gets bored easily at a playground.

For Mummy, this playground rates 5/5. As its relatively clean, not crowded, the kids enjoy and more importantly I got to savor my crab slowly. Lol.
If you are in a need for a crab break, you can check it out!

Blk 261 Jurong East St 24 S(600261)

Do you know of any playground like this? Share with us so we can all benefit and enjoy some peaceful meals. T.I.A.

Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (4)

Finally time to “party”!

The usual photos taking before the cake cutting.

Family Photo!

We brought a tart from Fruit Paradise for Zai’s birthday “cake”. I initially wanted to get a Mickey cake but decide against it cause most of the attendees are adults. I think they will prefer fruits over cream. Besides, he already have cake the previous day in school. And I was glad I made that choice. Cause Zai really love the “tart”. Or rather the fruits on the cake. In fact he “stole” all the blueberries on the tart. And he simply loves it. Even when one of it drop onto the floor and rolled under the sofa, he still wants to get it. See he can’t wait to eat the cake!

Can't wait for the cutting!

I guess the boy was tired after the whole day of playing. So he slept rather early that night unlike the previous night. So we woke up early and manage to squeeze in a dip for him before we check out!

Final Swim before we checkout

So that marks the end of our 3 days 2 night staycation at Rasa Sentosa. I think my boy is really happy because he gets to swim and swim. So we will be back for my Staycation.

I'm 2! Stop taking my nude photos.

Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (3)

After we arrive at our new room, Zai started jumping around and bump his head. And he started crying. My MIL proceed to pacify him and he fell asleep in her arms. And soon Chubby’s relatives who are joining us in the celebration also arrived. And they were preparing to go to the beach! Who knows it suddenly start to rain. It’s fortunate that Zai is sleeping at this time, cause he got his nap and he didn’t “waste” much time.

Waiting for Rain to Stop

So while waiting for the rain to stop, my two babies slept while my two nieces had milk. Lucky the rain didn’t last for very long. And by the time it stopped, Zai also woke up from his nap. So finally his long awaited “Beach Time”!

Beach Time @ Rasa Sentosa

I didn’t stay throughout his play at the beach cause I need to take care of Loi and also to express out my breastmilk. So during the short period when I was there, Zai was just bringing sea water to the holes my MIL dug for them to play. After the sea water, he proceed to take soil from the wet area and fill up the hole. Quite cute to see Zai concentrating in doing his task.

We also brought kite to the beach, but there wasn’t much wind. So in the end they didn’t manage to fly the kite. I guess we have to wait to another time to bring the kids out to the park to fly. 🙂

After they came back from the beach, Chubby quickly showered Zai and went out to get the food for the “celebration”. My MIL helped look after Zai while I took care of Loi. I heard she brought him out and he insisted on her bringing him to go see the monkeys when he spotted one.

And soon my parents arrived. So with their helped, I went to give Loi a dip in the tub. Finally she has a chance to get into the “waters”.

Loi's Turn for the Dip

It was the first time my parents sees her “swimming”, so they were actually quite excited. My dad was worried if the neck float is sufficient. But I assured him that she has been swimming with it for a few times already.

After the dip, its back to waiting again. Chubby took some time in buying back the food. I guess its due to the crowd at Vivo during weekends.

To be continued…

Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (2)

The next day, we only manage to wake up at around 9am. The boy himself is also tired from sleeping so late, so he woke up later than usual. So off we go for our complimentary breakfast by the hotel.

Yummy Sausage!

We started off feeding Zai with scrambled eggs and waffles. But when he saw his daddy’s sausage, he actually pointed to it and request to eat that. Not very healthy choice but we let him indulge since its his birthday and we don’t do it often. And boy, he likes it and finishes two small “sticks”.

After Zai finishes his breakfast, he couldn’t sit still. So Chubby left with him while I continue to eat mine. It was quite a bliss to enjoy a moment of calm for my breakfast. Its been a long time since I get to enjoy breakfast in such an environment. Not complaining, but really appreciate the opportunity.

Chubby knows that Zai can’t wait any longer, so he brought him for a dip in the pool after breakfast. Of course the boy was really happy. I didn’t join them at the pool cause I need to take care of Loi. So no pictures for that. After his pool trip,  my SILs have arrive together with my two nieces and our lunch. But the active Zai was wrecking havoc in the room. And he just had a heavy breakfast, so we think he is not hungry yet. As such, we brought him to the toddlers’ room downstairs to play. I think Rasa Sentosa is really trying to make the place very family friendly.

Ball Pit @ Mini Toots Club

The room is not big and they call it the Mini Toots Club. There is just a small ball pit with slide, an Ikea kitchenette and a carousel with 3 horses. You will need to put in coins for the carousel it doesn’t comes free. At one corner there is also a LCD tv with a dvd player. They were playing “Dora” at that time. And there was some books and toys littered on the floor. But most of the toys have “parts” missing. Like the shape sorter without the shapes and the trains without a track.

But Zai had a good time playing with the Kitchenette! I thought he would prefer to go up and down the ball pit, but he didn’t. He spend most of his time playing the kitchenette.

Zai playing with Kitchenette

I think my boy is really mimicking after the adults now. Which is why he prefers to play with the kitchenette. Well, I will definitely get a kitchenette for Loi to play with when she gets older. So we shall see if he is still interested in playing with it when we reach that stage.

We left the room after Zai start snatching toys from his cousin and the room was also getting crowded. So we head back to our room for lunch. And pack up so we can change room!

Garden Suite @ Rasa Sentosa

Initially, we just got the pool viewing family suite. But because my SIL went to book another room just for that Saturday, we decides to change to the Garden view Suite so we can have connecting room. This suite is suppose to be more expensive but the kind people at Rasa Sentosa let us upgrade for free. But both Chubby and I felt that the room feels smaller than the one we had the previous day.

To be continued…

Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (1)

We spend our last weekend at Rasa Sentosa in celebration of Zai’s 2nd birthday. We had a fun filled time. I think my boy really enjoys it cause he gets to play with water literally the whole day. We checked in on Friday evening, as Zai still went to school to celebrate his birthday.

On the first night we just got the pool view family suite.

Pool View Family Suite @ Rasa Sentosa

It was pretty spacious. After the king size bed and a sofa bed being setup, there is still space for us to walk around. And there is also a balcony overseeing the pool.

Who's There?

That’s Zai and his cousin Vaness. They were looking out at Vaness Daddy who is at the balcony. The view from the balcony is decent too.

View from the Room

Enjoying a meal at the balcony with this view can be quite relaxing. But with kids in tow, where to find the time to enjoy?

Loi: Are you all done?

Poor Loi, woke up from her sleep but we are still not ready to leave for “Songs of the Sea” yet. We need to feed the kids and had our own dinner. By the time we make our way out its already 8pm. But we still manage to catch the later show.

Songs of the Sea

The show was only so-so. But the “fireworks” at the end was quite magnificent with the sea as background. But too bad, both my kids fell asleep during the show.

Happy Daddy Happy Girl

See the girl all full of smiles after her nap while we were taking the bus back to the hotel. The boy is still sleeping on the stroller. Initially we thought he will sleep through until the next day. But who knows he woke up when we were about to reach the hotel. And with the power nap, the boy got very very active. He was running around in the room and didn’t want to sleep. No matter how hard chubby or my MIL tried, the boy just want to play. Chubby got so frustrated that he wanted to lock him in the toilet to calm him down. And all these didn’t stop until about 1am in the morning. Poor Chubby. I didn’t have a good time either. Loi seems to miss her bed and she wakes up every 2 hours requesting for feed. And when she fell asleep during the feed, I put her down, she wakes up again. I tried carrying her but she is still very alert. Sucking her own finger doesn’t seem to soothe her either. In the end I resorted to laying her on the bed and nurse her so that I don’t have to “put her down” after she fall asleep. Ah~ it was a tiring night.

To be continued…

Day Out @ St Regis

Thanks to my SIL’s boyfriend, we got to spend a day out at St Regis. And my I must tell you how excited my boy was.

It started the night before, he refuse to go to bed although we can see that he is tired. So Chubby asked him if he wanted to go swimming. Immediately the boy eyes light up and nodded his head. Chubby then told him to go sleep now otherwise he will be very tired the next day and when we go swimming he will be napping. And that did half the trick. Immediately the boy went to lie down on his bed and tried to sleep. But he keep on peering for fear that Chubby is bluffing him. So Chubby told him that he is going to pack his swim gear now to show his seriousness. Who knows when he saw his float, he got so excited, jumped out of his bed and insist on wearing it now. Chubby put it on for him and slowly coax him to sleep.

The next morning when he woke up he didn’t forget about it. He went to look for his float and wants to wear it again. But we had to wait for my SIL and Zai’s cousin to knock off from class, so we only manage to reach the hotel in the early afternoon.

This is the view from the room. Not fantastic but have its own charm.

View from St Regis

When we were in the room. The boy keep on running around the curtains. Hiding in them and then running out. He had so much fun there until he spotted the bathroom. He saw the bath tub and got even more excited. When I start to let the water run so I can let Loi have a “swim”, he couldn’t wait. Keep on dragging us to the toilet and even lifting up his clothes saying “bathe” all the time. When my SIL told him to go out and walk in again (cause she wants to take video), he rushed out thinking we will take off his clothes outside. When we didn’t he whine and pulled Chubby into the toilet again. We gave in, so he got a soak into the tub before his sister.

Zai's Dip into the Tub

He had a splashing good time. And I really mean “splashing”. The toilet floor was really wet after his “dip”. And boy, he didn’t forget about his float even in his rush to go into the tub.

When its Loi’s turn, it was all quiet and smooth. She didn’t kick much. Only after a while, she decides to “flip” her body. So she actually did some pirouette in the tub. So pretty. I’m tempted to send her for some ballet classes when she gets older.

Loi Dipping

When Loi was bathing, my elder SIL arrived with her kids. And the kids were excited. My boy went even “wilder”. The sun was shining very brightly at that time, so we decide to make the kids sleep before they go to the pool. Of course my boy refuses, so Chubby actually have to carry him and bring him for a walk before he actually knock out.

And when he wakes up, he went wild running around the room again. It was a headache. And upon seeing that the time is about right, we decides to change them and bring them to the pool. Finally the highlight after waiting for the whole night and morning for my boy.

Zai Swim

The weather actually wasn’t really that ideal because there were gust of wind on and off. So when Zai came out of the pool to play at the water feature, he is actually trembling.

Zai Playing with Water Feature

He likes the water feature quite a lot too. Trying to stop it first with his feet, then his hands and in the end, he uses his head. Renee who is scared of water had lots of fun with the water feature too.

Cousin Fun!

While the older kids were having fun, Loi can only lie around and “sun tan”. Cause they were afraid the chlorine in the water is too much for her.

Loi @ The Pool

It was quite bright initially, so her face was quite grouchy. But she soon fell asleep lying on my tummy. Ah~ such a bliss.

We really had a fun-filled day at the pool. I think my boy enjoyed the most. It has been sometime we brought him swimming and he wasn’t well the last month. So I’m actually happy to see my boy back in his active action. Although it was really a headache “trapping” him in the room.