My Life: Day in a Life (D.I.A.L)

Two and a half years ago, I joined MamaJ in her linky to have a peek on a typical working day of my life. Two and a half year later, she called for a blog train on this again. I thought it will be interesting to see how life has changed for me in this two and half years.

The alarm on my phone goes off, I switch it off but couldn’t stay awake…

I jumped out of bed, afraid that I have over slept. I checked the clock and heave a sign of relief to realize only 3 minutes had passed. It’s really time to wake up, brush my teeth and start my MooMoo duty.

The new breastpump i bought although my trusty PISA is still working, but its way too heavy.

To make full use of my time, I watch Korean drama from my smart devices while I pump.

This is what I’m currently watching.

I’m lucky today. I manage to have 3 waves of “let-down” in 45 mins. Yes that is how long I pump in order to have enough milk for TT. Happy with my collection, I left the washing of the parts and bottles to my helper while I bathe and get ready for work.

My mind is not idling during this period. I will run through the day schedule in my head and set myself the tasks I need to complete at work. These daily goals help me stay concentrated and feel accomplished by the end of the day. Normally I still have time after running through the schedule, so I will start thinking about other stuff. Today, I’m formulating this post in my head.

It’s time for round 1 of breakfast!

Breastfeeding makes me hungry, so I need round 1 of breakfast before I head for work

It’s instant oat sweeten with Milo. I read somewhere that oat helped in milk production. But that’s rolled oats, not sure if instant oats can do the same. But I’m too lazy to cook. While I struggle to eat, I will either read or check my Facebook.

Done with breakfast, I go back into the room to check on my 4 lovelies. They are still in this state.

Thats’s how we sleep every night. Poor TT gets tuck into a little corner and I sleep on the mattress between him and Loi (sometimes its Zai).

No choice, I kiss them good bye and leave for work.

While traveling, I check on my Facebook or play a game or two on my devices. Today I was trying to clear a mission in the game Tsum Tsum.

There is a jam again. I’m only 10 minutes away from office. Let’s see how long I will be stuck.

Finally reach office. It’s time to work while I munch on round 2 of breakfast.

Time for MooMoo Duty again.

Lunch time. I usually buy my lunch from our cafe downstairs and lunch-in. While eating,I check facebook or catch up on my blog reading.

Still have time to catch a cat nap before starting on work again.

Round 3 of MooMoo for the day.

Time to knockoff! I manage to accomplish the tasks I set out to do for the day. Happy with my result. While traveling back home, I will either do my studying or write my blog posts. Well, today I’m drafting this post on my smart device.

My iPad is my life saver when it comes to blogging on the go.
My iPad is my life saver when it comes to blogging on the go.

Finally reach home. Round 4 of MooMoo duty.

Again, I leave the bottles and parts for my helper to wash while I shower.

Finally time for dinner, I’m famish. But I still have to work with the boy on his writing or homework. So while I eat at the dining table, he will be beside me doing his writing.

The boy doing his homework.
The boy doing his homework.

Finally its all done. I can play with the kids for a while. Today, its “dinosaur” again. This pretend play is a creation of Zai. It basically involve him throwing all our pillows and bolsters into the corner where TT sleeps and pretend its a nest. He and Loi will then hide in the nest with a blanket covering them to pretend to be “eggs”. While I have to be the Mama dino to lay the eggs and watch them “hatch”. And today, just after they hatch “T-Rex” came and they hide back into their “shell” while we wait for the T-Rex to pass. Ok, their 15 minutes pretend play time is up. TT needs to be nurse and goes to bed.

The making of the "Dinosaur" nest.
The making of the “Dinosaur” nest.

I get the elder two to choose a book each while I nurse TT. I will then read them the book with TT on the nursing pillow. Time is so short nowadays that we can only afford to read a book for each of them every night. After reading, the main lights will be switched off and we will turn on the bedside lamp.

Time for the elder two to drink their milk and get ready for bed. TT has fallen asleep nursing, I put him down and get ready for bed myself.

Zzz… (That is not the end of my day yet.)

Round 5 of MooMoo duty. Finally can sleep after that. Oh no… TT woke up and wants to be nurse…

Finally I can go to bed….

After jotting down my day to day life, I realize that I have been abusing myself by multi-tasking most of the time. Even when bathing I didn’t give my brain much rest, all this in a bid to make “full-use” of my time. Actually, I hope to slow down a bit more, do lesser so that I’m not so busy throughout the day and can’t enjoy it. I’m hoping all these will get better once TT grows older and my MooMoo duty has stopped (well, thats another 10 months down the road).


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Rachael and her family from JahBella
Rachael and her family

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My Life: Managing 2015 1st Quarter Review

It’s April and 1st quarter of 2015 has zoom pass me while I was busy being a cow (read getting milk for TT). I previously blogged about the things I want to achieve and the time table I set out for myself, now is a good time to review it.

For my confinement timetable, I was able to follow thru quite consistently. During that few weeks, I manage to read up a few chapters of my PMP book and also complete a book for leisure reading.

Unfortunately, when I got back home and is still on maternity leave, I wasn’t able to follow thru much of the schedule. The first week, I did a little decluttering as CNY was in 2 weeks time. Hence I forgo the timetable during that period. After CNY, I was adjusting my pumping timing as TT goes on full bottle feed during the day. I also suffered lots of block ducts during that period and couldn’t establish much routine. Until March came.

I more or less settled on the timing for pumping, but as a result I couldn’t really find time to read for leisure or for my certification. But I manage to squeeze in time to read to TT and showed him flash cards.

I returned to work last week and put my last timetable to trial. Some adjustments were made as I had to change my pump timing again. I manage to get most activities done except reading for leisure. I still couldn’t quite fit it in yet with my current commitment in breast feeding. The progress for other activities like blogging and studying is also going at a slower pace, so I will still need to see how to readjust myself in the coming months.

And I have decided to put my exercise plan on hold. This is because I realize my milk supply drops when I sweat. So I’m going to do some stretches and skip the gym for now.

All in all I’m still quite happy that I’m making small progress in the objectives I set out to achieve, with the exception of getting back in shape and reading. I need to remind myself that and work out a better plan for the next quarter.

Did my Mummy say she needed more time? How?
Did my Mummy say she needed more time? How to do it?

How about you? Are you making progress in the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year?

My Life: Managing 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post that 2015 will be a year of change. Apart from Chubby’s studies, another reason I didn’t mention the other time is the introduction of TT. With a new member adding to our current (rather stable) routine, I’m not sure how things will be like at home.

Here is a list of things I wish to accomplish in this year. Its like some kind of new year resolution.

  • Get my PMP Certification, for my career prospects. But this means that I need to spend time to study.
  • Spend more time on the kids studies. Maybe I’m a little kiasu. But Zai is in K1 this year. He still lacks the patience to sit at a desk and do writing. I think he finds “writing” a boring task. But he has to get use to the idea of doing work and studying in preparation for P1 in 2 years time. And I’m intending to start Loi this year also. Since I think we were a little late with Zai. But I won’t be pushing her too hard until maybe 2nd half of the year, when she officially turns 4.
  • Go back to leisure reading. Something that I have abandon since the birth of Zai. I wish to lose myself in books again.
  • Get back in shape and better health. Loi is very brutal. Everytime she sees me, she ask me why my tummy still “so fat”. Apart from that, I also wish to exercise to keep myself healthy, which is important now that I have 3 kids to look after.
  • Blog more consistently. The blog has dwindled since I got pregnant. Now I’m aiming for a post a week. I also volunteered to help out in SMB. With so much on my plate, I hope I didn’t take in more than I can bite.

Well, with this list, I’m gonna be busy this 2015. But unlike in the past where I only put up the list with no concrete plan, this year I’m different. Inspired by Mummies who came up with timetable for their kids (see here and here), I came up with a timetable for myself!

How my timetable looks like for my confinement period.
How my timetable looks like for my confinement period. I have tried it out for a week. And it is actually achievable.

I’m rather practical. With the erratic feeding of TT and getting him settled into a routine, I didn’t put exact timing for my “timetable”. And I don’t follow to the dot. I just wish to achieve 70% to 80% of what is stated. Because if I did, I know that I’m progressing.

I had another version for the period after my confinement and during my maternity leave:

I will slowly transit from the confinement timetable to this, when I latch TT less and spend more time expressing in preparation of returning to work.
I will slowly transit from the confinement timetable to this, when I latch TT less and spend more time expressing in preparation of returning to work. I have also worked in the kids timetable.

Notice that I didn’t put in any timetable for weekends? I decided that weekend shall be family time. So I won’t be “working” but spending quality time with the kids. And whatever free time I can decide what I want to do with it. It makes me feel that I have some breathing space.

And the timetable that I wish to try out most. The one after I return to work (but no, I’m not looking forward to the end of my maternity leave yet).

How I intend to use my precious time after I return to work.
How I intend to use my precious time after I return to work.

There is no fancy design for my timetable. Its just spreadsheet which I uploaded to my Google Drive so that I can view and review them across my devices.

What do you think about my timetable? Am I being too ambitious? How about you? Ever thought of coming up with a timetable for yourself? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thanks!


It has been a difficult work week. As I sit here now in bed typing this, I really Thank God Its Friday! It is a week where I came home later than usual, mentally, physically and even emotionally drained. It is a week I shed a few drop of tears at work (to be exact in a meeting) which haven’t happened for a long time.

The week started with preparation for a presentation for today and a similar presentation on coming Monday. The ironical thing is that I am not the presenter of both the presentation, but nonetheless I was involved somehow and seems to be the organiser for one. Well, its a complicated matter. Anyway, I had meetings after meetings of clearing the slides that brought me to another “dimension” in terms of delivering a presentation and forced me to really think through lots of things. My brain was literally going on strike after the meeting. But I would say its a good form of training and hopefully I really learned and instil some of it in me.

Near to the end of the week, I was engaged in another meeting that I went into a heated argument with my customer. I almost lost my cool and wanted to shout back at her. But I remembered my kids (read: I need my job) so I took a step back and told her that I will raise this to my boss as its beyond my level. As I sat at the back bench, whatsapp-ing away to ask my boss and thinking of why am I doing all this shit (when I’m paid peanuts), tears couldn’t help but welled up in my eyes. I tried controlling my emotions, but I a few of them manage to escape. I resorted to reading blogs (on my phone) to have a time out from the matter. Later as I calm myself down, I remembered something my ex-boss, I, once said to me. Its along the line of “There is no need to get upset or angry over people who are not your love ones”. How true.

As I share the day event with Chubby at night, I learned another new thing from him. To disassociate. To not be personal, take a step back, disassociate from the situation and not jump into trying to defend every attack that is thrown at me. But to calm down, clear the mind, stand firm on my belief and bring her back to the fundamentals.

Yes, its all easier said then done, but I will try.

I’m glad at least the week is over. Its going to be a busy month ahead, but weekends belong to my family. So before Monday comes, I’m so going to enjoy myself.

My Love Ones in their Happy Moments
My Love Ones in their Happy Moments

I hope you had a better week then me. Have a happy weekend!

Playground with Cousin = Double the Fun!

For me, I was never close to my cousins due to our huge age gap. So I always envy my son who has cousins his age whom they play together often. Yes, they fight for the same toys. But when you see them running and playing together at the playground, its the kind of fun they never get from adults.

I always engage my boy in his play even when he is at the playground. So he have always make request for me to climb up with him or take the slide down. But you know, adults getting down a slide is not as easy as kids. So when he went to the playground with his cousin, the fun is really double. And Mummy could even act as “Big Bad Wolf” to chase after them.

Playground Fun with Cousin
Playground Fun with Cousin

Take for example the last photo at the bottom right. Guess what happened? The boy’s bottle took the slide down thanks to the boy. And the cousin followed. Well, Mummy definitely won’t let her bottle take the slide down like this.

Playground Fun
Playground Fun

His smiles, laughter and screams were much more than usual. Sorry to the neighbors for needing to endure my boy high pitch scream. But I’m really thankful for the fact that my boy has playmates and nice playgrounds to play with.


Hello 2013!

You are here for 2 days already. But we were busy going back home from Hong Kong and outstanding tasks at work that we didn’t have time to properly say Hello to you. So “Hello”! We certainly hope that 2013 will be a better year for all of us.

Coming back Resolutions, I gave up making a few years back when I realize that I hardly keep them. But I think I should give it a try again. And be more realistic by having just two. So here they are.

  1. Stop complaining
    I wish I will be more positive this year. And will stop complaining about things (especially my ILs) is one really good way.
  2. Stay healthier
    Weekly exercise and healthier diet is my aim.

And that’s it. I hope everyone who has make their new year resolution will all be able to make it!

A very happy and healthy 2013 to all my readers!

Thankful Today: Growth, Write, Tree, Walk

The kids and I were sick last week. This explains the lack of post. Now that we have more or less recovered, I hope I can have more time to blog and also to do other things. There are still some more purchases for Christmas (which is just next week) and also the packing for the trip. I hope I can pack earlier so I can see if I have anything that I need to buy earlier.

So here is some “catch-up” post for MamaJ’s “Thankful Today”.




We use to have a simple Trofast that allows 3 middle size boxes. Its in the background of the photo shown above. However, as the kids grow, their Trofast storage grew with them. Last week, the “3-Steps” Trofast, that holds up to 6 middle size boxes was on sale, and we brought one for the kids to store their growing toys. And here is the “Orange carpenters”. I’m really thankful for the existence of Ikea for their cheap and decent furniture. And even more thankful that they hold advent Christmas promo and their things are really a steal.

*PS: The boy “helped” fixed two pieces of wood together and thought that its a bed and proceed to lie down on it.




That is the girl doodling on the magnetic board. I’m thankful that writing supplies are abundance here in Singapore. But I’m not too thankful for those stores that sells really pretty stationary (e.g. Smiggle). They just make me want to buy the pens that they have. And I hardly “write” these days.




Thanks to all the different Christmas tree set up in the shopping malls, the kids started to understand “Christmas”. Not the bible stories but rather Santa Clause, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Snows belong to one category.

Apart from the fake Christmas tree, we are really thankful that we live in a “Garden City”. Trees are every where and we had a small “park” just right below our flat. We have brought the boy to understand how “bees” work in getting nectar to make honey when there were flowers blooming in the small trees there.




The girl have finally know how to walk on her own though she still prefer us to hold her hands. This is her getting down the “step” from the utility room to the kitchen. Hopefully with her new found skills, she can walk around a bit when we are in Hong Kong for our year end trip.