Home Activity: Online Shopping @ The Sunshine Kids

I always admire those parents who bring their kids along for shopping. And I mean not shopping for groceries or toys. But to shop for clothes or accessories. Basically, things that don’t really interest the kids, especially boys.

We have tried bringing the kids to shop for their own shoes, but they got “tired” after trying on the 2nd pair. And the boy couldn’t wait to get out of the shop to wonder around. The experience is worsen when there is a queue at the checkout counter. So I have learned to shop online at the comfort of my home and not struggle with two pre-schoolers that monkey around the shop.

However, with the girl growing up and having a mind (and fashion sense) of her own, she is very picky about what she wear. So now I have to involve her in my online shopping, which is not such a bad thing as I treat it as a mother and daughter activity to do together. However, the ease of navigation and usage become utmost important as the girl doesn’t have the patience to sit with me for too long.

One of the website that fits this is “The Sunshine Kids @ Agape Babies“. The navigation and submission was so simple that we bought a dress together easily.

We like it that items are categorized and we can filter the sizes by age. The thumbnails are big enough for the girl and myself to browse even on my iPad mini.

The filter at the side is by age and the thumbnail is very decently size that we need not click in to individual items to view properly.
The filter at the side is by age and the thumbnail is very decently size that we need not click in to individual items to view properly.

The girl scroll down the page on her own and when she found a dress that she really like, I taught her to touch it to view the details. Once inside we were happy that they have photos of both the front and back view of the dress.

The detail page has photos of both the front and back view of the dress!
The detail page has photos of both the front and back view of the dress!

Once the girl decided on her dress I just added it into my cart and I did the rest on my own as it is not necessary to involve the girl anymore. So now I remove the problem of my girl not wanting to wear the clothes I buy for her and we also spend sometime doing something together. In the process we also discuss about the dresses. So I get to understand her preference too (although it may change quite quickly). I thought it’s quite a good Mother Daughter activity and my first taste of “shopping” with my girl (at such a young age) without having to worry about boring her or her brother.

Discount Code for Sunshine Kids
Here is the good news. We have a discount code for all thelittlemom.com readers. Just quote thelittlemom during checkout and you will be given 15% off all dresses, that will make perfect presents this Christmas. The code is valid till 30 Dec!

And if you are wondering why you should be shopping at Sunshine Kids, here are the reasons.

  • Sunshine Kids dresses are designed for special occasions. Which is really useful for Christmas party and the upcoming new year.
  • They partnered with Agape Babies (an online store that specializes in Baby essentials) to form a multi-store. This means you can shop at both places and checkout your cart together. Hence saving on your shipping. Mummies have to be prudent right?

You can find out more about Agape Babies and The Sunshine Kids from their blog or Facebook page.

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. No monetary compensation was received. All views are our own.

Letter to my 3 y.o Girl

My Dear Girl,

You turn 3 a few days weeks ago! Firstly, Mummy has to apologize for not charting your development progress as frequently as I ought to. Sorry, my girl. But Mummy is really happy with your progress this year. Come let’s do a small recap shall we?

The day you turn 3! We had a field trip on that day.
The day you turn 3! We had a field trip on that day.

You went to school when you were 25 months and has been enjoying yourself at school since then. Mummy is very proud of you that you adapted well and has make some good friends in school. We can often hear you sing new songs you have learn from your teachers. And when there is something “special” that happened that day, you will always share with us. Like you just told me how you and K fell while trying to get off the stage. Yup, in a few weeks time you will be performing on stage for the first time. Mummy and Daddy is looking forward to your performance.

You also started enrichment lessons with GorGor at Berries since the beginning of the year. Both the teachers and I noticed that your Chinese language has improved over the months and you are now a willing participant in class! Good job my little girl. Mummy is happy that you are willing to speak Chinese now, although you have a very “cute” accent and sometimes slang. But it’s a big step we should celebrate!

We haven’t seen much of a change your character. You are still assertive of what you want. Mummy and Daddy is still trying to find ways to help you channel your assertiveness. We also notice that you are a very observant child. You tend to learn through observing others, especially your GorGor or other adults. And in an unfamiliar environment, you will tend to observe first before taking the first step to participate. This is not a bad thing, it shows that you are a cautious child.

On days, you can be so smiley and lovely. But there are days where you want to be heard and understand.
On days, you can be so smiley and lovely. But there are days where you want to be heard and understand.

You still enjoy singing, dancing and acting. Very often you will act out what you seen on TV. Your favourite “act” now is the part where Elsa from frozen sings “Let it Go”. You also enjoy mimicking “Igle Pigle” from “The Night Garden” and Peppa from “Peppa Pig”.

Your favourite author is still Lucy Cousin for now. You like her Maisy books most but also enjoys other books from her, e.g. Zaza’s Baby Brother. Mummy is happy that you enjoy reading more now. In the past you will just walk away when Mummy starts reading. But now, you will actually be happy to bring a book to school to share or requesting Mummy to read to you! Mummy hope your reading habits will bring you a long way.

You don’t like it when others call you a small girl. You were very happy the day when we announce you are tall enough to go into IKEA playground. It was like “coronation day” for you. And you use that as a benchmark to say that you are a big girl now!

Indeed, you are a big girl. Cause recently you just got yourself potty trained in the morning. This is a great achievement as Mummy didn’t really train you, but you learn them all by yourself! Your last hurdle was “poo poo”, where you simply refuse to sit on the potty or toilet bowl. However, we have overcome that too. So now you are potty trained in the day! Hip Hip Hurray!

This is your celebration in school. Frozen theme. Sometimes you act more like a 姊姊 than your bro...
This is your celebration in school. Frozen theme. Sometimes you act more like a 姊姊 than your bro…

But my big girl, you have to learn to give up your thumb sucking at night or before nap. Only babies need soothers you know. The day you give up your thumb sucking, you are indeed a big girl already. You still enjoy your milk a lot and even requested for milk feeds in the middle of the night. Not sure if it is because you always choose to eat very little dinner and hence you get hungry in the middle of the night. But I must say, this 2 weeks you have only woke up once to ask for milk and Mummy is keeping her finger cross that you will soon drop this milk feed.

Talking about food, you are a junkie girl like Mummy (whoops). You love junk food and has very little interest in rice. You can eat the meat, veg, fishes but don’t like to finish your rice. You are better with noodles and porridge. When it comes to junk food you absolutely love. Even if the junk food is a little spicy, you can still take it well. But my love, junk food is not good for you. And Mummy will be reducing the stock at home for all our sake, ok?

Wow, that’s an exciting year isn’t it? Not every year will be like this, but isn’t it good that we had one before? In the upcoming year, you will be progressing to Nursery, where you are expected to learn your alphabets and do writing. Mummy hope you will continue to find fun in learning even as things get a little deskbound. Mummy wish to work with you and GorGor to make learning as interesting as possible, but do give Mummy time, ok?
Mummy wishes good health in your coming year. And hope that you can stay your cheerful self throughout your life.

Mummy wishes you all the best in the upcoming year!
Mummy wishes you all the best in the upcoming year!


Talkative Kids: 1st Quarter 2014

The funny conversations we had with the kids in the first quarter of 2014.

There is a café near the kids’ enrichment school that sells really yummy gelato. The first time I brought the kids there I told them this…

Me: Zai, you cannot tell MaaMaa that we came to eat ice-cream ok? This is a secret among us.
Zai: Ok!

As we got home, the boy was very excited and exclaimed loudly while he is walking through the door.
Zai: Auntie! Auntie! I tell you… Just now I go eat ice-cream. It’s a secret! Cannot tell MaaMaa.

I almost fainted there. Cause MaaMaa was just sitting beside Auntie.

The setup in our room is such that we have a super-single size mattress beside our queen size bed. I sleep there every night with Loi, while the boys got the big queen size bed. One night, the girl decides she wants to sleep with Daddy and so Zai came down to sleep with me.

After coming down, he realize that his space has gotten relatively smaller. I tried to disturb him further by sleeping at the center of the bed. The boy started to grumble and when he saw that I have no reaction, the dramatic boy crawled to the edge of the mattress on his side, and slide half his body in the gap between the mattress and the queen size bed.

Zai: MeeMee, no space. I will kiap!

I think he meant to say he will be “kiap” (squashed) by the mattress and bed. I think that is the few “hokkien” words that he speaks.

Food Source
We were at the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island Australia waiting for the penguins to come ashore. The volunteer there was explaining why the Penguins only come up when the sky is getting dark. Curious but couldn’t quite understand what the volunteer was saying, Zai asked me what they are talking about.

Zai: MeeMee, what is he saying.
Me: Oh, the man is saying the penguins stayed in the water in the morning and afternoon. When the skies get dark, they will come back up to go home.
Zai: Why?
Me: Because, in the morning there will be big eagles flying in the sky. They will eat the penguins when they see them.
Zai: Why the eagle will eat the penguin?
Me: Cause penguin is their food. Just like why you eat chicken.
Zai: But I don’t eat chicken on the floor.

I think its time I bring him to a kampong to see the rearing of the chicken and then killing it for food. LOL, of course I’m joking.

This happened in Australia too. We were walking out of the supermarket, and the boy was playing with a magnetic board that belongs to his cousin. The cousin wanted to take it back as we were going to our own car. Apparently, the boy doesn’t want to return, the cousin snatched, my MIL who was with them stepped in and scolded his cousin. So back in the car, the boy was still crying and complaining.

Zai: MeeMee, DaBiaoJie don’t want to lend me the board. She snatch from me.
Me: Ok. MaaMaa already scolded her right? Plus, the board is hers.
Zai: But I want to play. *Starts sobbing*
Me: Ok. Are you feeling very sad now?
(Applying the concept I learn online to calm your child)
Zai: Yes.
Me: Ok. So is there anything I can do for you?
Zai *thinks for a while*: You know you know… You know what will make me happy?
Me: What?
Zai: The iPad and the iPhone

*Faints*. The boy certainly know how to take advantage of situation. FYI, much as I’m tempted to give him the iPad or iPhone, we stop ourselves and reason out the situation with him instead.

The kids are always fighting for books and toys (what’s new?). So I have learned to tell them that the books and toys belong to me as I paid for it. I’m just lending it to them to read or play. The boy got it, while the girl, being younger, is still trying to grab the concept.

Loi: This is MY book! *Snatches book from GorGor*
Me: Loi, Mummy paid for the book. So this book belongs to me. I’m just lending you the book to read.
Loi: This is MINE!
Me: Loi, again, this is Mummy’s book. I paid for it *takes book from her*. Which book is yours (that you paid for)?
Loi: Neh. In your hand.

You got to be very precise when talking to kids. I didn’t state clearly that the book is “paid for” by her and I’m beaten.


Hope you enjoyed the funny moments. Do you have any funny conversation with your kids recently? Share with us!

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Catchup Post: Loi @ 24 Months

A catch-up post on Loi’s development as I was too slack in the last quarter of 2013. For the record, Loi is now 26 months already.

Mastered Skills

  • Name at least 6 body parts
    Head, hands, legs, eyes, ears, Toes, Shoulder, Knees… These are some of the parts she can named when she was two.
  • Half of speech is understandable
    Yes, she could express herself rather well and we thought her speech development was better than her brother.
  • Makes two to three word sentence
    Her favorite will be “Go Away” “No Share”. Sounds a little negative of her, but this girl loves to assert her independence and doesn’t like people to disrupt her play (Much like her Mummy).

Emerging Skills

  • Talks about self
    I think so. She will comment that her dress is nice. Yes, a vain pot in the making.
  • Arrange things in categories
    Kind of. When I play the colorful Pom Pom with her she will sort them by colors. But that is because I taught her to follow me in the beginning. So not sure if it is counted.
  • Can walk downstairs
    Yes for one to two steps unaided. Else she needs to hold on to railing or someone hand.

Advanced Skills

  • Begins to understand abstract concepts
    Not really. Example when we tell her we will give her the soup later when it’s not so hot, she couldn’t really comprehend and would insist NOW.
  • Becomes attune to gender difference
    Nope. Even recently she told me she has “C C Bird” (Male Private Part)…
  • Learns to jump
    She loves jumping as she sees her GorGor do it frequently. She will attempt to mimic but has never successfully lifted both feet off the ground yet.
Result of MeeMee insist in taking photo with the girl!
Result of MeeMee insist in taking photo with the girl!

Loi 2nd Birthday

For Zai 2nd birthday, we had a staycation at Sentosa. We wanted to do the same for Loi when she had her 2nd birthday last month. Alas, we were too busy that we didn’t manage to book a hotel in time. So we have to settled for something else. After much thought, we decide to just book the BBQ pit below our block and hold a BBQ party for her.

The girl favorite at that time was Disney “Sofia the First” princess. However, Sofia is still not widely popular in Singapore yet. Hence I had to order the decos online.

Sofia deco for the girl 2nd birthday.
Sofia deco for the girl 2nd birthday.

I got the two Sofia balloons from Amazon. Got my sis to help bring it to Bugis to pump helium and bought a bunch of pink and purple balloons to go with it (Total cost for the helium gas and balloons from Bugis is SGD19). Quite happy with the quality of the Sofia balloons. The balloon continued to float in the air for about a week!

The Sofia figurine was for the girl to put on her cakes since we can’t find Sofia theme cake. Besides, after the party, the kids can still play with it as a toy. Better than sugar base deco. Got this from Disney store itself.

Most of the BBQ were bought off the shelves.

BBQ food for Loi 2nd Birthday Party!
BBQ food for Loi 2nd Birthday Party!

For the kids, we air-fried mid-wings from CP and sotong balls, which goes well with the fried bee hoon my MIL prepared. My sis boyfriend also kindly helped us prepare the angry bird and bear fish cake which was pre-boiled and heated at the pit. He also help make children friendly otah by wrapping fish paste and salmon in banana leaves.

The kids enjoying their food at the party.
The kids enjoying their food at the party.

For adults, they had satay and again “upgraded” otah from my sis boyfriend. The otah was a hit and lots of guest were asking where we got it from.

For dessert, the kids get old school potong ice-cream while the adults have coconut jelly sponsored by Chubby’s aunt!

Loi enjoying her old school potong ice-cream as birthday treat!
Loi enjoying her old school potong ice-cream as birthday treat!

Fun Factors
For the kids it was fortunate that the BBQ pit was just beside the playground. Hence, they played before the food arrive and continued playing after food. This explain their sweaty look in the pic above.

Loi having fun at the playground during the party.
Loi having fun at the playground during the party.

We got our two “cakes” for the party as we were afraid that one is not enough for the crowd.

The "cakes" for the party.
The “cakes” for the party.

We ordered an apple crumble and a carrot cake, both from BatterWorks. Most find the apple crumble a little too sweet but the carrot cake is nice.


The girl 2nd Birthday party was a simple affair and rather budgeted. However, we were happy that the kids had fun and Loi enjoyed herself too. She has since been found near tables with birthday cakes trying to take over the cake cutting. Think she enjoys the attention and the fun. We will see how we will celebrate her birthday next year. Base on GorGor, it would be an even simpler affair though.

Letter to my 2 year old Girl

Dear Loi Loi,

You turn two! Hooray! This means you can join Daddy, Mummy and GorGor in more activities and yes, you can start eating the supplement vitamin “sweets” I give to GorGor and your BiaoJies.

Seriously, Mummy cannot imagine how this two wonderful years has passed. Daddy and Mummy was still talking a few nights ago about how it was like 2 years ago. The contraction Mummy have to endure over the night, till she couldn’t sleep and was praying that the contraction will go away cause she thought it was fake. Only to go to the hospital and was told that she is in labor. Your entrance to our life was less dramatic than your bro, much like your character.

You are mild by nature. Mummy is thankful that you don’t really scream your head out (should I be writing this, as they say its “patang”?), but will go to a corner and throw your tantrum. That is not to say you are a good girl. You can be very insistent and has quite a huge ego for a two year old. That is not all bad, but this means Daddy and Mummy have to guide you to use your insistence and ego at the correct channel.

The little girl with huge ego
The little girl with huge ego

Due to the fact that you aren’t in school yet, you get to watch lots of TV, especially on weekdays. Some of your favorites in the past were “Maisy Mouse”, “Shrek Forever After”, “Little Mermaid (the Beginning part)” and Barney. And recently your favorites are “Sofia the First”, “Mawa and Kawa (Masha and the Bear)” and “Ice Age 1” (where the baby and the animals are sliding around).

You like song and dance. That’s probably the reason why you like “Sofia the First” and Barney. You started singing the mother goose rhyme quite early. Then you proceed to hum and sing along songs from the TV shows you watch. You can hum and sing the last words of each sentence of “Sofia the First” Main Title Theme. And even a fair bit of “I’m Not Ready To Be A Princess”. When you sing those songs, you will raise your hand up and turn like how Sofia dance in the show. Mummy is also amazed that you can sing some of the catchy tunes in “Mawa and Kawa” too, although its in Russian.

For a kid song, you love Mummy and Daddy to sing “London Bridge” with you. You have also picked up that Mummy will change the lyrics from “my fair lady” to “my fair LoiLoi” when we caught you. So you went on to have “my fair Daddy” or “my fair Auntie” and proceed to hug them. You are so sweet.

Your favorite book for now is “Goat goes to playgroup“. I think you are attracted to the colorful pictures and the mischievous things that Goat do. Much like why you like Mawa is also because of her mischievousness. Mummy is hoping that the book will introduce you to the concept of school which you will be starting in about a month time.

You aren’t really into toys. You will hug your “baby” but the attention you spend with her is often very short lived. The same with other toys. So when you go to the indoor playground, you like the ball pit the most.

The little girl trying out the different toys at Hokey Pokey
The little girl trying out the different toys at Hokey Pokey

You love playgrounds like most kids. However, you always choose the slow and steady way to get up the structures. Till date, you never go beyond the first rung of the 3 step ladder. Its ok, Mummy thinks its natural that girls are more cautious. Mummy just hope that next time you will be more willing to take calculated risk and still be cautious.

You enjoy going out and you know that means changing into “nice” (pretty) clothes. And mummy have to agree that you have an eye for fashion. See the clothes you wore above? Mummy chose the pants and you decided the tee shirt. You will make comments about Mummy dress when you see me after work by saying “Nice… Dress” and you will look at my dress.

Seizing the girls love for dressing up, we help them don on the princess dresses at HP.
Seizing the girls love for dressing up, we help them don on the princess dresses at HP.

Very often when you see Mummy in “going out” clothes, you will run to me grabbing your t-shirt and say “Mummy, change. Nice.” (Mummy, change me into nice clothes). Ah~ you are so adorable.

Food wise, you are a junkie like Mummy. You will not eat your proper meals but will tend to come to the dining table, when Mummy and Daddy are having dinner, requesting for food. We usually relent and feel that either you have a small stomach, or you prefer to eat dinner with us rather than being fed earlier. You use to eat dinner on your own until recently when you are eating lesser and lesser. So we have no choice but to somewhat force feed you. Sometimes you will request “Mummy, feed you (me)”. You love drinking soup and eating vegetables, especially corn.

Like Mummy mention above, you are starting school end of next month. Mummy is happy that you are finally going off to school to learn something everyday rather than spend time at home watching TV. Mummy hope you will enjoy your school although you are bound to get sick the first few weeks. Its ok, every kid goes through this and we will soon help you build up the immune system and things will get better.

Well, you still suck your left thumb to sleep. Mummy and Daddy tried making you kick away the habit but its really not easy. As the sucking really soothes you. But my love, if you continue that in school, chances are you will fall sick even more often. So hopefully, Mummy and Daddy can help you break this habit soon.

Loi Sleeps

That’s all for now. Mummy and Daddy love you always! Mummy hope you have enjoyed your first two years thus far and will continue to stay happy and healthy.


Loi @ 23 Months

It’s Loi 2nd birthday in a few weeks time. Both Chubby and myself are still struggling on how to celebrate her birthday. Her brother had a not-so-small 2nd birthday celebration. We thought we should be fair and give her one too. So we are still cracking our head. If you have any good suggestion please share with us.

Loi in a pool of balls
Loi in a pool of balls

In the meantime, some updates of her progress.

Mastered Skills

  • Can make a tower of four bricks.
    Not an issue. But again, this girl tends to destroy more than she build. When her brother is building, she will want to push them down. And walk on them. Or hear the sound she create by walking “through” them. Especially the Lego Duplo.
  • Can name a simple picture in a book
    She is not into reading, but when she has a book she likes she can do simple pointing and telling. Her current favourite is “Where is baby’s belly button”. She is able to lift the flap and tell us things like “Mouth… Cup” (Mouth is behind the cup).
  • Can use 50 single words
    Well, I haven’t really did a count on the words that she says. Off the head I can think of “Head”, “Mouth”, “Eyes”, “Nose”, “Pigs”, “Lion”, “Dog”, “Bear”, “Wolf”, “Cup”, “Cess” (Princess), “Baby”, “Slide”, “Change”, “Nice Nice”, “Bathe”, “Try”, “Want”, “Book”, “Chop”, “Chair”, “Sit”, “Lai” (Come in Chinese), “No”, “Catch”, “Shirt”, “Ground” (Playground), “Watch”, “Juice”, “Kult” (Yalkut), “Drink”, “Bed”, “Shoes”, “Scared”, “Put There”, “Briefs”, “Clothes” etc
    Actually we are pretty surprise that she is able to form short sentences on her own. Not exactly very proper, but good attempts.

Emerging Skills

  • Can make two- or three-word sentences
    She can tell us “Put There” (where to put her milk bottle) and “MeeMee I want you”. Or even “Change Nice Nice” (Change into clothes for going out). So looks like her speech development is pretty much ok.
  • Can sing simple tunes
    She can sing most of the rhymes, but not all the words are audible. She loves songs and dance so much so that she can hum+sing to the tunes in “Sofia the First”.
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other children
    Not really. She prefers to play on her own when she is at the playground. When she is with her gor gor and jie jies, she tend to disrupt their play. So I would say the girl is not the social butterfly kind.

Advanced Skills

  • Can walk down stairs
    At most 2 steps and she will start to panic and tell us she is “scared”.
  • Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
    Not really. She only says “No” to things she don’t like, but wouldn’t initiate a conversation about things she don’t like.
  • Asks “Why?”
    Nope. The word is not part of her spoken vocab yet.
The active girl climbing around in Ikea, and pretend to be demure when she got caught.
The active girl climbing around in Ikea, and pretend to be demure when she got caught.