Thoughts: Reflecting 3rd Quarter 2016

Did the 3rd quarter of 2016 just pass by? How time moves when there is so much on your plate. We are into the last leg of 2016, yet I don’t see myself fulfilling much of the goals I set out since the beginning of 2016! Still we shouldn’t just quit, but continue to reflect and remind ourselves to keep to it.

  • Eat Healthily and Exercise More
    I cannot believe I actually put on 2 kg in the past one month. So much to eating healthily. I guess I have been snacking a little too much in office. I started on a no rice diet (there are still some carbs here and there) for lunch 3 times a week. And I told myself no more snacking in office and to bring fruits for tea break. Let see how it goes.
    As for exercising, my chronic back pain was back due to too much “sleeping” while I was nursing a stomach flu. As a result I couldn’t really go for jogging, it hurts after the “run”. However, I did manage to go for a swim, participate in a Captain’s Ball game in office, went ice skating with the kids once and cycle at West Coast Park. I’m thinking of 5 minutes Pilates on weekday and 15 minutes on weekend morning to strengthen my back muscle. And adding swimming to my exercise list as they will have less impact on my back. The boy’s classmates’ Mummies are also asking me to join them in the GE 5Km run. I’m still deliberating.

    The ice-skating session we had with the kids. I can’t skate but I’m sure my muscles had a good work out that day.
  • More Communication and Patience
    I guess this is coming along rather well. I’m making a conscious effort to stop myself before I lash out. Today I just learn a phrase that is to add in “think” before you act. So “Feel – Think – Act“. I’m going to apply it not only to the kids but also to everything I do.

    What I found written on my drinks after a little incident happened and I decide to “let it go”. So think before act not only make your day but also someone else’s.
  • Spend More Time with The Littlest
    Indeed with the new job I have more time with the littlest. Especially on days where I reach home earlier and the elder two are not back yet. I can really have a good one-to-one time with him. However, there is still have a lot I want to. With three kids, it’s really tough. I’m going to define it further by trying 1 activity and 1 reading everyday with him.
  • More One-To-One Time with the Elder Two
    Totally fail in this. We didn’t have any one-to-one time this quarter. How sad. I need to make this more achievable. Any ideas?
  • More Consistent Teaching
    A month back, we attended a seminar by Pamela Lim, talking about raising a child gifted. Although there was nothing new about the concepts that she shared, but I walked away with something very clear in my mind. Academic result is only one aspect of learning and life. And the two most basic skill a child need for learning is in reading and numerals. The rest are built on them.
    With that, I changed our curriculum a little. I halved the pages of “assessment books” they need to do and focus more on reading. Be it them reading to me (recognizing words for the girl case) or me reading to them. The reading here are not fiction reading but more on facts and knowledge. I have subscribed to the NatGeo kids for this purpose. However, parent-teacher-meet and the kids Chinese class feedback shows that they still need to read more Chinese books. So I am adding more reading in Chinese for the coming months.

    The boy saw this seed at the playground one day. He asked me what kind of “nut” that is. I told him is a seed but not sure from what tree. He explored ways and means to crack it open and finally did it. He was disappointed to see just “black stuff” inside. But we proceed to continue searching on Mr Google and we finally know its the seed of a Pong Pong fruit (Mummy is poor at science ). And we learned about “Pong Pong” fruit that day and also the boy learned how to crack open a “nut”. Learning can take place anywhere and in any form.

For personal reading wise, I completed “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. It’s so nice to be reading about Harry Potter again. I really like this book and still thinking whether I should do a blog post about it. LOL. But reading with the kids have slowed down, we need to pick up speed on that.

As for the blog, thoughts of closing it down for the past month has been popping up in my head again.Last month I have a post that generated some interest but it didn’t translate to more consistent readership. I guess also partly because I have been lazy in blogging. I happen to talk to fellow Mummy blogger Christy this morning. She suggest I rethink and find a focus on my blog. Find something I love to write about. Well, I may give it a try but it is not easy for me. Maybe I just have too many things I wanted to do. I need to remind myself I set to FOCUS in 2016.

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Melbourne 2014: The Nobbies and Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

When people talk about visiting Melbourne, Phillip Island always appears on the list. And when people talk about Phillip Island, the Penguin Parade is a must see. So when our family went Melbourne last year, we also paid a visit.

The Nobbies

Further down from the Penguin Parade, is this place called The Nobbies.

The Nobbies is at the tip of the island, so it offers a breathtaking view of the costal line. And according to the website, you will be able to see fur seals on the Seal Rocks. Unfortunately, when we were there in late March it wasn’t the season, so we didn’t get to see the seals.

However, while we were walking back to the car, we spotted some penguins hiding in their burrow. That was the closest encounter we have with the Penguins. And the kids were fascinated.

So if you have some time to spare, you can pay The Nobbies a visit before heading down to the Penguin Parade.

Penguin Parade

This seems to be the highlight of the island. Indeed it was a very special experience for us. Unfortunately, no photos and videos are allowed.

This is a ticketed event, and I suggest you pay for the Penguin Plus Viewing Platform. It cost more, but the experience was good. For the Penguin Plus, we were seated at a platform while waiting for the penguins to arrive. This can be quite a wait depending on what time the sun decides to set. And with kids and all, the viewing platform will be better. Besides, there are volunteers at the platform to do some background explanation to us.

Basically, the penguin parade is about the Penguins returning home after a day in the sea. In the morning, the Penguins will head out to the sea for food and also to escape the “eyes” of the predators like the eagle. And when sunset, and visibility is low, they will come out of the waters and head home. (There was a family joke when we were there. Zai was asking why the Eagles eat the Penguins. And I told him it’s because the Penguins are food for the eagle. Just like the chickens he love to eat. And the boy reply was “But I don’t eat the chicken on the floor…”. My young and innocent boy then.)

At the platform, you will be one of the first few to see the Penguins emerge from the waters. They are really cute, and when they march in a line, it’s even more adorable. You can follow the penguins on their way home. You will be walking on some build up pavement, while they march beside you. It’s a pretty close encounter. The kids likes it too. But the walk is a little long. So my young kids (4 yo and 2 yo) lost interest after a while.

As with most tourist attraction, there is a visitor center. You can find the usual souvenir shop and a cafe there. The kids had a bite before we head out for the parade. And if my memory didn’t fail me, there is a complimentary drink with our tickets.

If you have animal loving kids, then I think you shouldn’t miss this. Please visit their website for more details.

Have you visit The Nobbies or Penguin Parade before? What are your views? Share with us.

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My Life: Day in a Life (D.I.A.L)

Two and a half years ago, I joined MamaJ in her linky to have a peek on a typical working day of my life. Two and a half year later, she called for a blog train on this again. I thought it will be interesting to see how life has changed for me in this two and half years.

The alarm on my phone goes off, I switch it off but couldn’t stay awake…

I jumped out of bed, afraid that I have over slept. I checked the clock and heave a sign of relief to realize only 3 minutes had passed. It’s really time to wake up, brush my teeth and start my MooMoo duty.

The new breastpump i bought although my trusty PISA is still working, but its way too heavy.

To make full use of my time, I watch Korean drama from my smart devices while I pump.

This is what I’m currently watching.

I’m lucky today. I manage to have 3 waves of “let-down” in 45 mins. Yes that is how long I pump in order to have enough milk for TT. Happy with my collection, I left the washing of the parts and bottles to my helper while I bathe and get ready for work.

My mind is not idling during this period. I will run through the day schedule in my head and set myself the tasks I need to complete at work. These daily goals help me stay concentrated and feel accomplished by the end of the day. Normally I still have time after running through the schedule, so I will start thinking about other stuff. Today, I’m formulating this post in my head.

It’s time for round 1 of breakfast!

Breastfeeding makes me hungry, so I need round 1 of breakfast before I head for work

It’s instant oat sweeten with Milo. I read somewhere that oat helped in milk production. But that’s rolled oats, not sure if instant oats can do the same. But I’m too lazy to cook. While I struggle to eat, I will either read or check my Facebook.

Done with breakfast, I go back into the room to check on my 4 lovelies. They are still in this state.

Thats’s how we sleep every night. Poor TT gets tuck into a little corner and I sleep on the mattress between him and Loi (sometimes its Zai).

No choice, I kiss them good bye and leave for work.

While traveling, I check on my Facebook or play a game or two on my devices. Today I was trying to clear a mission in the game Tsum Tsum.

There is a jam again. I’m only 10 minutes away from office. Let’s see how long I will be stuck.

Finally reach office. It’s time to work while I munch on round 2 of breakfast.

Time for MooMoo Duty again.

Lunch time. I usually buy my lunch from our cafe downstairs and lunch-in. While eating,I check facebook or catch up on my blog reading.

Still have time to catch a cat nap before starting on work again.

Round 3 of MooMoo for the day.

Time to knockoff! I manage to accomplish the tasks I set out to do for the day. Happy with my result. While traveling back home, I will either do my studying or write my blog posts. Well, today I’m drafting this post on my smart device.

My iPad is my life saver when it comes to blogging on the go.
My iPad is my life saver when it comes to blogging on the go.

Finally reach home. Round 4 of MooMoo duty.

Again, I leave the bottles and parts for my helper to wash while I shower.

Finally time for dinner, I’m famish. But I still have to work with the boy on his writing or homework. So while I eat at the dining table, he will be beside me doing his writing.

The boy doing his homework.
The boy doing his homework.

Finally its all done. I can play with the kids for a while. Today, its “dinosaur” again. This pretend play is a creation of Zai. It basically involve him throwing all our pillows and bolsters into the corner where TT sleeps and pretend its a nest. He and Loi will then hide in the nest with a blanket covering them to pretend to be “eggs”. While I have to be the Mama dino to lay the eggs and watch them “hatch”. And today, just after they hatch “T-Rex” came and they hide back into their “shell” while we wait for the T-Rex to pass. Ok, their 15 minutes pretend play time is up. TT needs to be nurse and goes to bed.

The making of the "Dinosaur" nest.
The making of the “Dinosaur” nest.

I get the elder two to choose a book each while I nurse TT. I will then read them the book with TT on the nursing pillow. Time is so short nowadays that we can only afford to read a book for each of them every night. After reading, the main lights will be switched off and we will turn on the bedside lamp.

Time for the elder two to drink their milk and get ready for bed. TT has fallen asleep nursing, I put him down and get ready for bed myself.

Zzz… (That is not the end of my day yet.)

Round 5 of MooMoo duty. Finally can sleep after that. Oh no… TT woke up and wants to be nurse…

Finally I can go to bed….

After jotting down my day to day life, I realize that I have been abusing myself by multi-tasking most of the time. Even when bathing I didn’t give my brain much rest, all this in a bid to make “full-use” of my time. Actually, I hope to slow down a bit more, do lesser so that I’m not so busy throughout the day and can’t enjoy it. I’m hoping all these will get better once TT grows older and my MooMoo duty has stopped (well, thats another 10 months down the road).


This post is part of the Day in a Life blog train hosted by Mum in the Making. Click on the button to take a 24 hour peek into the lives of different mummies, or link up with your own post!

Rachael and her family from JahBella
Rachael and her family

Next up on the blog train is Rachael from Growing Up with JahBella.

Rachael is a full-time working mum with 2 kids (Jah – going on 4 and Bella going on 2). As a couple, Rachael and her husband have ticked quite a number of boxes when it comes to dating and marriage challenges. Think a 3 year long distance relationship, an inter-racial marriage and wedding to boot. But no one quite prepared them for the roller-coaster ride, in the form of two super funny, super opinionated, super energetic, and definitely super opposites little versions of themselves! Rachael blogs about her parenting journey, family travels/ experiences and her hilarious conversations with Jah and Bella. Read about her typical Sunday without help, on her blog tomorrow.

Blog Train: FTWM After Work Hours

I have previously join a linky stating why I chose to be a FTWM. Another taking a peek at a day in my life. This time when Christy holds a blog train for FTWM, I had to join to show my support. But now that I’m sitting here typing out the blog posts, I’m not really sure I have anything to write. 😛

Now that Loi is older and I had stop breast feeding, plus we got ourselves a helper, my after work hours compare to the previous post is slightly different. Basically, now when I reach home, after shower and dinner its time to spend with the kids. Yipee no more housework to do, bottle to wash and breast pump to sterilize.

With that, it ends my after work hours. So what can I write? Ok, I thought hard and came up with this 5 tips. Hope it can provide some kind of help or maybe let you feel you are not alone in NOT being a super mom.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Let’s admit, not all of us are capable to be a super mom, me included. So don’t be afraid to admit it. We don’t have to do everything by ourselves. Getting external help will definitely do a FTWM some good. Try doing your sums to see if you can afford a live-in helper. You can read more about my views on domestic help here. Well, if you really can’t, then consider a part-time helper to do some weekly maintenance of the house. Otherwise, rope in your husband and children to help out in the chores.

Before we have our domestic helper, Zai helps me out in some of my chores such as putting on the clothes peg and all. It’s a good bonding activity too.

2. Understand that kids are able to entertain themselves
I came to realize that kids are capable of entertaining themselves. There really isn’t a need to jam pack their schedule with learning activities everyday (even if it is a learn-through-play activity). If you let the kids have a chance to get “bored”, you can see their creativity come in to play and how they will find means to get themselves occupied. We just have to facilitate them and also ensure that we don’t have a mess to clear up after that. Or better still, get them to clear up their own mess.

3. Go for simple activities on weekday night
Having said the above, if you still feel a need to have some activities, go for simple activities that is easy to setup and cleanup so it doesn’t tax your already tired body. Our common activities are “no-mess” drawing doodling (using crayons, markers or just simple chops), book reading and pretend play. Or the dish-washing activity I share over here is also a good weekday night activity.

I think it helps for me that Zai is very good at pretend play. He comes up with scenarios from the books he reads or shows he watches and he will rope us in to help act it out.

Loi acting as a princess while KorKor help with the "gown". My kids are just good at pretend play.
Loi acting as a princess while KorKor help with the “gown”. My kids are just good at pretend play.

4. Don’t be overly concern about “screen-time”
I admit I’m those parents that allow the kids to watch on our smart phones while waiting for dinner to be served at a restaurant. Just to ensure that the kids stay in seats and “keep quiet” (but strictly no distraction while eating). I also allow them some “screen-time” (on TV and Smart Devices) on some weekday nights. Especially on days when I’m so tired from the day work, and has no more energy to keep them entertained.

We have all read about the side effects of having too much screen time. I’m concern as well, but I think it’s unavoidable at this era. I think more importantly is how they use it and what they are expose to. For us, we choose the programs they watch and the apps they play carefully. I also make it a point to sit beside them and engage with them even while they are watching or playing with the apps (Yes, I can sing almost the entire opening song for ‘Sofia the First’ already). So that it is not a one-way interaction and we can follow-up with discussion on what we saw or learn from the apps.

But do limit each session to not more than half an hour. We usually set it to 15 minutes for our kids, to ensure their eyes get plenty rest.

5. Ensure enough rest
For yourself I mean. We all know, we tend to be more short-tempered when we do not have enough rest. So don’t push yourself to continue if you really need the rest. It’s not beneficial to anyone. So turn-in early if you need to. If there is nobody to take care of the kid, get them to turn-in also. They may protest or fool around in the room for a while. But if nobody continue to “entertain” them, they will soon fall asleep too.

I hope you will find these tips useful.

This is a blog train hosted by Kids R Simple on “A Peek into the After Work Hours of a FTWM“. Read about how the other 20 FTWMs handle their kids and household everyday from 1 June to 21 June. The aim is to give other working mums motivation, ideas and support to deal with the everyday demands of juggling work and family while keeping sane. We will be happy to hear your story, tips and even an encouraging word will make our day! Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Natasha is a recently converted full time working mum juggling 2 part time jobs, an online business and the world of motherhood while currently pregnant with her 2nd child. She blogs at quirky affairs, sharing bits and bobs of her life – capturing everyday moments with her family, indulging in her little idiosyncrasies, documenting milestones, pregnancy jitters & first experiences on parenthood and takes heart that it’s okay to be imperfect.

Talkative Kids: 1st Quarter 2014

The funny conversations we had with the kids in the first quarter of 2014.

There is a café near the kids’ enrichment school that sells really yummy gelato. The first time I brought the kids there I told them this…

Me: Zai, you cannot tell MaaMaa that we came to eat ice-cream ok? This is a secret among us.
Zai: Ok!

As we got home, the boy was very excited and exclaimed loudly while he is walking through the door.
Zai: Auntie! Auntie! I tell you… Just now I go eat ice-cream. It’s a secret! Cannot tell MaaMaa.

I almost fainted there. Cause MaaMaa was just sitting beside Auntie.

The setup in our room is such that we have a super-single size mattress beside our queen size bed. I sleep there every night with Loi, while the boys got the big queen size bed. One night, the girl decides she wants to sleep with Daddy and so Zai came down to sleep with me.

After coming down, he realize that his space has gotten relatively smaller. I tried to disturb him further by sleeping at the center of the bed. The boy started to grumble and when he saw that I have no reaction, the dramatic boy crawled to the edge of the mattress on his side, and slide half his body in the gap between the mattress and the queen size bed.

Zai: MeeMee, no space. I will kiap!

I think he meant to say he will be “kiap” (squashed) by the mattress and bed. I think that is the few “hokkien” words that he speaks.

Food Source
We were at the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island Australia waiting for the penguins to come ashore. The volunteer there was explaining why the Penguins only come up when the sky is getting dark. Curious but couldn’t quite understand what the volunteer was saying, Zai asked me what they are talking about.

Zai: MeeMee, what is he saying.
Me: Oh, the man is saying the penguins stayed in the water in the morning and afternoon. When the skies get dark, they will come back up to go home.
Zai: Why?
Me: Because, in the morning there will be big eagles flying in the sky. They will eat the penguins when they see them.
Zai: Why the eagle will eat the penguin?
Me: Cause penguin is their food. Just like why you eat chicken.
Zai: But I don’t eat chicken on the floor.

I think its time I bring him to a kampong to see the rearing of the chicken and then killing it for food. LOL, of course I’m joking.

This happened in Australia too. We were walking out of the supermarket, and the boy was playing with a magnetic board that belongs to his cousin. The cousin wanted to take it back as we were going to our own car. Apparently, the boy doesn’t want to return, the cousin snatched, my MIL who was with them stepped in and scolded his cousin. So back in the car, the boy was still crying and complaining.

Zai: MeeMee, DaBiaoJie don’t want to lend me the board. She snatch from me.
Me: Ok. MaaMaa already scolded her right? Plus, the board is hers.
Zai: But I want to play. *Starts sobbing*
Me: Ok. Are you feeling very sad now?
(Applying the concept I learn online to calm your child)
Zai: Yes.
Me: Ok. So is there anything I can do for you?
Zai *thinks for a while*: You know you know… You know what will make me happy?
Me: What?
Zai: The iPad and the iPhone

*Faints*. The boy certainly know how to take advantage of situation. FYI, much as I’m tempted to give him the iPad or iPhone, we stop ourselves and reason out the situation with him instead.

The kids are always fighting for books and toys (what’s new?). So I have learned to tell them that the books and toys belong to me as I paid for it. I’m just lending it to them to read or play. The boy got it, while the girl, being younger, is still trying to grab the concept.

Loi: This is MY book! *Snatches book from GorGor*
Me: Loi, Mummy paid for the book. So this book belongs to me. I’m just lending you the book to read.
Loi: This is MINE!
Me: Loi, again, this is Mummy’s book. I paid for it *takes book from her*. Which book is yours (that you paid for)?
Loi: Neh. In your hand.

You got to be very precise when talking to kids. I didn’t state clearly that the book is “paid for” by her and I’m beaten.


Hope you enjoyed the funny moments. Do you have any funny conversation with your kids recently? Share with us!

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Talkative Kids Jan 2014

My talkative kids series is back after a hiatus in the last quarter of 2013. It’s not that the kids are not funny, but mummy is too busy. So here goes this 4 months worth of laughter from the kids.

The thoughts that run thru this young head never fail to amaze us!
The thoughts that run thru this young head never fail to amaze us!

I sometimes calls my two kids “lovely” when I do not want to call their name in public or as an affectionate name to them. One day the boy told me this.
Zai: MeeMee calls me and MeiMei “lovely”. Me: Yes. And…
Zai: I call DeeDee dearest.
Me: Oh so sweet. How about MeeMee. Zai: You are my Honey. (Mummy heart melt on the spot. Oh such a sweet boy. And nope I didn’t coax him into calling me that.)
Me: Thanks my lovely! How about MaaMaa (my MIL his paternal Grandma)
Zai: (Thinks for a while) MaaMaa calls me Grandson!


Marriage and Ring
It was a day after our ROM anniversary. We were out the night before for our little celebration so the boy knows. Zai: MeeMee, why DeeDee buy you ring? Me: Cause DeeDee and MeeMee loves each other and we want to get married.
Zai: Next time I marry and buy ring for MeiMei. Cause she is only a small girl now.

So happy that my boy loves my girl, but erm, sorry son, you can’t marry MeiMei.


Open and Close
The two kids were on the bed and Loi crossed over Zai to get down. We heard some cries from Zai, followed by some cries from Loi. Apparently while crossing over, Loi hurt her bro and Zai retaliate back by biting. When we asked what happened, Zai says “MeiMei never say excuse me. So I open my mouth… Put inside and close my mouth.”

Sorry, that is still biting my son.


Big Sister
Loi saw GorGor playing with my iPhone and asked for my iPad. Wanting to be fair, I passed my iPad to her. In the end, she turned on the same app as her brother.
Me: Loi, you watching the same stories as GorGor, can you all share?
(No reaction from both)
Me (using a fake crying voice): Loi, MeeMee wants to use my iPad…
Loi (puts her arm around my neck): Share share (she pushes the iPad a little closer to me and continue watching her stories)

No, Mummy doesn’t want to watch stories, she wants to blog.


Breastfeeding Recently we were toying with the idea of #3, so we sound out the boy.
DeeDee: Zai you have a MeiMei already. Do you want another DiDi or MeiMei?
Zai: DiDi. (turn to me) MeeMee, next time your tummy grow big got DiDi you must pump milk from your pok pok (our house cutesy term for Breast, derived from Hokkien) for DiDi.
Me (laughing): Okok
Zai (in a serious tone): MeeMee you cannot forget. (A while later)
Zai: MeeMee, last time I baby you forget to pump milk for me!

The last part had us bursting out laughing again. And my boy, I did breastfeed you when you were young, it’s just you can’t remember, Mummy has photo evidence to show you. But I’m quite surprise about him linking Breastfeeding and baby. Looks like educating about Breastfeeding starts young. Anybody wants to find my boy as the ambassador?


That’s for this last quarter. I need to buck up in recording down all these precious growing up moments. How about you? Did you had any funny conversations recently?

A look at my… Fridge

MamaJ had a new linky. Its about taking a look at the different parts of our house. This month topic is on Fridge. So here is a photo of my Fridge.

The front of my fridge
The front of my fridge

(Ah… don’t mind the wordings in the photo. I thought the linky was called “A Peek at my…”. Anyway as seen in the photo, the front of my fridge is real messy.

At the top part, are the magnets. Most of them we have collected while travelling as a family. From our honeymoon at New Zealand to our last family trip to KL (actually correction, the last trip was to USS, which I got the sesame street magnet). When purchasing the magnets, I always opt for the “rubbery” kinds. Cause many of my previous magnets were destroyed by the small hands at home.

Among the magnets, my favorite are the hand woven 3D animal magnets from Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, they (too) didn’t escape the destiny from the small hands. Most are distorted (as seen in the case of the panda), with only the Tiger and Pig still standing strong. I’m trying to “hide” them from the small hands by placing them as far away as possible. That explains why all the magnets are at the top.

The Front top and bottom of my very messy fridge
The Front top and bottom of my very messy fridge

Below the magnets is a monthly calendar. My SIL use to be a cabin crew. She wrote down her flights on the calendar so we know where she is. She has stopped flying for a few months, but we still keep the calendar there since we also use it to reference for dates.

Below the calendar is a magnetic white board the boy recently received from his teacher as a Children’s Day present. My helper tries to write down what she need us to buy there, but it got overwritten by the kids doodling after I took the picture.

Photos on the Fridge
Photos on the Fridge

We also had some photos on the fridge. Not a lot as I don’t have the habit of developing photos, so these photos are either Polaroid or taken at some events.

At the other side of the fridge which is unblock, we have messier stuffs.

The left side of the Fridge
The left side of the Fridge

There are the vouchers that we might use. Food delivery menu. Name card of our favourite chicken rice stall. Coupons Chubby is collecting to exchange for pots from NTUC. But more importantly, it is also where I place the kids latest art work.

The very “artistic” hand print artwork is done by Zai, while the even more “artistic” doodling with chops is by Loi. I’m trying to display just their latest artwork, take a photo and throw them away after the “new ones” come in. No choice, since we have very limited space at home. So I can only opt for the more friendly digital way.

So what is on your fridge?