Play@SG: West Coast Park (2)

This time round we venture a little deeper to what I call the obstacle play area of West Coast Park.  

This play area is just next to the flying fox, closer to the sea. It’s basically a series of climb structures. Let’s take a closer look.   

It is interesting to note that the orange “log” above will actually turn when the kids attempt to cross. Thereby increasing the difficulty.

My almost 6 y.o boy could accomplish most of the obstacle while my 4 y.o girl only played with the tunnel. Still they like it a lot and will pretend the tunnel is their fortress and hide inside. We have been to west coast park a few times and they always come back to this area.

Next to these obstacles and behind the flying fox, you will find two “big” swings.  

I really like these swings as the kids can lie down on it and it turns into a hammock immediately. For younger kids, parents can go on top and place the toddlers on their lap easily. We also manage to put the girl and her cousin on the swing together, and they had fun with each other company!

West coast park is such a gem to us these days. Unfortunately, the weather has been erratic. We hope to explore more of this park soon! Have you been to other areas of the park? Let us know!

Play@SG is my effort to mark down the free playground and free play areas in Singapore. Feel free to let us know if you have any to introduce us. T.I.A!

Play@SG: 723 Clementi West St 2

A neighborhood playground near West Coast Market.

An overview of the playground, very typical of a neighborhood playground. More uncommon will be the “monkey bar”.

And this periscope that is looking down instead of up. But the kids say it wasn’t very clear. I guess due to the wear and tear.

And hopscotch for the kids to try out.

Your typical rocking horse with the brand of the playground.

Have your brought your kids to the playground near your home recently? Share with us.

Play@SG is my effort to mark down all the different free playground and play area in Singapore. Feel free to link up if you have any to introduce to us! Thanks.

Play@SG: West Coast Park

West coast park is a very big park with many many play areas. Last weekend I brought the kids to explore one section of the big park.

The west coast park is very famous for its big spider web, we stumble onto this smaller version at right side (facing the play areas) of the big web. This smaller version is a good training ground for my boy who is still afraid of the big web. I hope he conquer this soon and promote to the big web.


Beside the small web is this balance play area. The girl who is not so confident of her physco motor skills tried the balance area from the wider bouncy area to the broad platform at the left. She was happy just to be running around the platform too.

The boy started on this balancing beam. It was not easy as you can see some areas are not flat but curved up. He manage to complete the course by himself but at some points, he sat down and move using his butt.

Have you explored this area of the west coast park before? Why not share your experience with us?

Play@SG is my on going effort to mark down the different free playgrounds or play area in Singapore. Do join me in my series and let me know if you have any playground to recommend. 🙂

Home: Pizza Making

Unlike most CC, the childcare that the kids attend don’t ask parents to pay money for costume or props for their year end event. But rather use recycled and raw materials to make what is required. So to raise funds for that and also to employ some professional help for that day, they always held a food event where the kids will make food for sale. 

It’s a big event for the kids as they have to think of what to make, make it and ‘advertise’ it to the general public. I really like it as its a chance for parents to meetup with the school and other kids and also to sample the skills of the kids. The kids learn to cook and summon courage to ‘talk’ to strangers.

This year the girl’s teacher asked if we will like to help by teaching the kids how to cook something. We thought about it and decides that pizza making will be good for them (age 4, Nursery). We even enrolled the help from the boy’s class (age 5, K1).

So here is what you need to do.

For dough:

  1. 3 cups of flour
  2. 1 satchel (11g) of yeast
  3. 3 tbsp Olive Oil
  4. 2 tsp salt
  5. 1 cup warm water

Pour everything into a big bowl and knead till smooth. Cover and rest for 30-60mins.

For the older kid, you can get them to help measure the ingredients while the younger ones can count (numeracy). The biggest measuring spoon that the school had was 1/2 cup. So I took the opportunity to ask the kids how many spoons will we need in order to make 3 cups. Some of the K1 was able to provide the correct answer. The kneading process also allow them to train up on their little muscles. And to feel the flour turn into dough is a good sensory “play”. Some kids were commenting that it felt like play doh.

For toppings:

  1. Tomato Paste
  2. Sausages / Ham / Cooked Meat (e.g teriyaki chicken)
  3. Pineapples / Apples
  4. Bell Pepper
  5. Mozzarella Cheese

While waiting for the dough to rest, the kids can help prepare the toppings. We purposely left the skin intact for the fruits when we were cutting them so the kids get to deskin it (trains fine motor skills). We also got the kids to slice the sausages.

After resting the dough, the kids got to roll out the dough using a rolling pin and turn over a paper plate to cut out the pizza base. This trains their hand eye coordination.

Put the cut out pizza base in the oven that has been preheated to 180 degree C, for 3-5 mins for drying. Next spread the tomato paste as base, put some cheese and the toppings you want, top up with more cheese and pop it into the oven at 170 degree C. Once the cheese melt and it’s more or less ready.

The kids can of course help to decorate their own pizza. When we did it at home, the kids got to place the ingredients nicely like forming a circle using bell peppers. Unfortunately at school it was a little too chaotic to decorate to this kind of fine details.


Our large pizza for the teachers with all the left over ingredients.
It was a nice experience for me as I got to know my kids’ friends better. And I love doing cooking or baking with the kids as I find that they can learn a lot. And when they see the fruits of their labor they are usually very elated.

Besides, I also learned from the kids. One of my boy’s classmate always bake with her grandma. So she is actually very good at kneading. For a noob like me, I learned from her the proper way to knead. And when I was helping the kids deskin the apples I had wanted to give up as there were just too many apples. But seeing the kids persevered on, I was ashamed and sat through with them.


Chubby making the huge pizza.
Although we made this in school, you can also do it at home. It’s pretty easy even for a noob like me (Chubby is the one who can cook). And the time spend bonding over this pizza is priceless.

Do you have any good baking or cooking recipes that I can do with my kids? Share it here. TIA.

Play@SG: 261 Jurong East St 24

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I’m a crap crab person. As in I love eating crabs. There was a year where I had so much crab that my cholesterol level shot to an all time high. It came down after I cut down on my crab feasting. However, ever since the kids came along, I hardly have a chance to eat crab. This is because I either have to feed the kids that leave me little time to eat, or I need to finish quickly so I can take care of them.

This year on my Dad’s birthday, my sis suggested having crab for dinner. I was very happy but I doubt I could enjoy my meal much because of the kids. But I was wrong! Why? It’s because there is this playground just next to the “restaurant”. The kids need not cross any road, and you can even watch out from your seat if you choose certain table. But I’m not revealing which “restaurant” it is as it’s not a sponsored post. You can ask Mr Google.

Anyway, back to the playground. The pics should tell the story.

An overview of one side of the playground.
The other side of the playground with the “restaurant” in the background.
Close-up on some of the features of the playground.

Base on the kids reaction, they will probably give a 4.5/5 rating for this playground. They played while waiting for food to be served and went back to play again after eating. I’m pleasantly surprise that even Loi enjoyed it. Cause she is the one who usually gets bored easily at a playground.

For Mummy, this playground rates 5/5. As its relatively clean, not crowded, the kids enjoy and more importantly I got to savor my crab slowly. Lol.
If you are in a need for a crab break, you can check it out!

Blk 261 Jurong East St 24 S(600261)

Do you know of any playground like this? Share with us so we can all benefit and enjoy some peaceful meals. T.I.A.

Play@SG: Imaginarium @ SAM at 8Q

Back in 2012 and 2013 we brought the kids to Art Garden at SAM@8Q. I was looking out for it last year but I didn’t see one. It’s only until this year I realize that they have changed the name. This year the event is called “Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Dreams”. I’m not sure if there is something else last year, but I’m very glad that I found that they are still holding something similar. And if you haven’t read about how interesting it is, you can find out more here.

We Built this Estate!
This exhibit contains many Tetris block that allow the kids to build their own “estate”. You bet my two preschoolers like it here as they build away. The Tetris blocks are good as they give the kids a taste of irregularities and see if the structures they build are sound. It also give rise to “holes” which acts as entrance and exit to their “home”. At one stage, the boy manage to build a bridge and the girl is happy to hide under it and act as a troll. (She is recapping and relating to her previous experience of watching “The Three Billy Goat Gruff”.) Definitely a good exhibit to train their motor skills, logical thinking and creativity.

Let’s Make! Studio

Over here the kids get to fold paper plane, do Pom Pom or even doodle on the wall! Look at how happy the girl is that she can draw on the wall. For the boy, he is not the crafty type, so he was out of there in a flash.

Greenroom II: Interstellar Overdrive

Active kids will enjoy this exhibit. They require you to cycle so that energy is being generated to power up the players or light. In the pic above, Chubby was cycling so that Zai could play on the “drum”. He had some fun hitting and making noise. However, the exhibit is for older kids. My 5 y.o. boy tried cycling on one of the smallest bike, but he could barely make it. It is through our assistance that he manage to light up the bulbs. But definitely a place to let them dispense their energy and learn some science.

Dream House

A house made of sweets and sugary stuff? And a garden to plant and grow sweets? You bet that is most kids dream. Which is not hard to understand why this is the girl favorite exhibit. She enjoyed putting on the sweets and decorate the trees. While the boy enjoy taking them off, especially the golden sweets. Well, he just reminded me on top developing their fine motor skills, it’s also good opportunity to teach them colors.

Kiko’s Secrets

I had wanted to skip this exhibit cause I thought it was a little dark and the girl might be scared. But the boy just rushed in and this surprisingly was his favorite. He likes the creepy crawly that was make out of our everyday things. He finds it amusing when he spot zips on the beetle body. However, the other puzzle exhibit that requires him to choose the pieces from a box and place it on the fish scale proves too difficult for him. Well, even I find it difficult. Cause the pieces are similar only slight difference in size for some. Well, but good cognitive development for the kids.

These drawing are on the walls at the stairway. I find them really nice but a pity I can’t stop to really admire at them cause the boy was always rushing to the next exhibit. However, I did manage to stop them at one and played a few games of “I spy”.

All in all we enjoyed this year exhibition very much. Maybe because the kids are older now and the exhibits are really interactive with the kids in mind. So if you have the time to spare do bring your kids to check it out. It’s free for locals. And maybe because this exhibition has been on going for sometime, I find that it’s actually not so crowded when we went on a Sunday morning. 

Ok, details as follows:
14 Mar – 19 July 2015
10am to 7pm (Last Admission at 6:15pm)
SAM@8Q: 8 Queen Street Singapore 188535
(This is not the main SAM building but at the smaller street behind it)
Free Admission for Citizens and PR. Just flash your IC.

Play@SG: Dinosaurize Me @ Plaza Sing

The boy is a Dino fan. He knows a number of dinosaurs by name and his birthday theme last year was on Dinosaur. However, this lazy Mummy did not take his interest further by borrowing books on Dinosaur for him. As such his knowledge of Dinosaurs are limited. So when I receive an email from Plaza Sing inviting the kids to the media preview of Dinosaurize Me!, I was really happy. I asked the boy and we skipped school just to attend this preview. 

This is the smaller dinosaur bone on display. There is a 3 storey high dino which my iPad can’t capture properly. The event is on going till 14 June.

Dinosaurize Me! is brought to you jointly by PS and Science Center. So you will expect not just Dino bones display but educational shows and workshops.  

The educational Dino show.

Do you know how the paleontologist know how old the dinosaur is when it died? How about how did they find out if the breed of dinosaurs are herbivores or carnivorous? Well, you can find out the answer through the stage show. It was indeed quite educational. This not well read mummy certainly learned a lot that day.

Apart from the show, there are 3 workshop stations and a sand pit. We manage to squeeze in time for two of the workshops and of course the sand pit.

The first wokshop that they went to. They were asked to cut out the spiral timeline, and paste the different Dinosaurs on base on the era they lived in. Well, it was a little tough for the boy as the scissors was quite tight and the paper was thick. He ended up cutting out the dinos and pasting. But he was happy with it and brought to school for his show and tell.
This workshop allows you to create dinosaur “fossils” using either clay or plasticine. Well, i recommend you to complete this station first as the clay took a long time to dry. We did this last, so we went for lunch and went back to collect later.
The boy had lots of fun trying to fix the Dinosaur bones together. Unfortunately, this need team work to hold the parts up and I think there are missing pieces. Hence, he didn’t get to complete it.

It was a fun day for us, and an achievement unlock for me. As it’s the first time I brought them out all by myself and taking public transport. I’m happy that they have finally reach a stage that is easier for me to manage.

*Disclaimer: We were invited to this media preview. No monatary compensation was received. All opinions are our own.