Review + Giveaway: Funky Feet Footwear

Loi recently receive a pair of Funky Feet  footwear from Baby’s Breath Singapore for review. We put the footwear to “test” by letting Loi wear it to the S.E.A Aquarium.

Loi in Funky Feet Footwear
Loi in Funky Feet Footwear

Funky Design

As the brand name suggest, I think the design of the Footwear is really nice. I went into the website to take a further look. There were other designs that were even better.

Funky Feet – Bunny Pink

I love this design. Its so cute. It would look really cool on the small little feet.

Soft Soles

Funky Feet footwear are handmade in UK and have soft, flat and flexible soles. These are really important for toddlers who are just learning to walk. With the soft soles, they are able to feel the floor better and hence is able to really grip the floor with their toes. This is crucial for developing foot strength and proper posture.

However, Loi is a little past that stage. At 16 months, she is able to walk quite well and has form the habit of wearing shoes with thicker soles, the soft soles feels weird for her. She kept raising her feet and looking at them to check that she has shoes on. *LOL*


The day we receive the footwear, the girl was so excited that the moment I put it on for her, she walks around the house with it. Initially I was a little afraid that she will fall, however, the suede surface did make the soles anti-slip.

The day we went to the S.E.A Aquarium, it was drizzling when we were making our way home. The girl was also walking around on the pavement that was slightly wet while we were queueing for the train. It didn’t appear slippery for her too.

This is a plus point for all footwear, especially if they are meant for young toddlers.

Machine Washable

I don’t know how these toddlers do it, but they tend to dirty their footwear easily. Sometime from the food they spill at mealtimes, sometime from walking over “unknown” areas. Being machine washable means parents can safely throw it into the washing machine without having to worry about it. Isn’t that wonderful?


All in all I think Funky Feet Footwear is really good for those who are just learning to walk. The cute designs and soft soles are really suitable for them. For those we can already walk well and is exploring walking on different “terrains” like Loi, parents would prefer a slightly thicker but flexible soles.


The nice team from Baby’s Breath Singapore is giving away an online voucher worth SGD50 for The Little Mom readers. If you reside in Singapore, just leave down your name and email address in the comments below by 12 April 2013 and we will randomly pick a lucky winner. Its that simple! So good luck!

Disclaimer: The author only receive the pair of footwear for review. No monetary compensation  was received. All views and opinions are author’s own.

Payless ShoeSource

On Monday, Chubby and I took half day in the morning so we can shop at Robinson with my 25% discount coupon. We both send Zai to school and proceed to go Center Point. As a result, we reach there quite early and Robinson isn’t open yet. As we wait for it to open, Chubby decides to visit the toilet for his BIG business. So I just walk around and stumble onto this shop call “Payless”. Initially I thought it was “@Payless” but apparently, the sign is not “@”.

Anyway, what attracted me in the first place was that there were shoes for kids. I remembered that Zai need a change for his sandals. So I walk in to check out the shop. Only to find that it not only sell kids shoes but also adults. And they are reasonably priced. The selection of shoes for toddlers were a lot too. Just that they are mainly girls shoes. We only spotted a few boys sandals. One is the disney “Cars” series. We thought its really nice and its on sale costing only SGD15. But the size is too small for Zai. And than we spotted these:

Airwalk shoes from Payless

We didn’t really like Crocs big head shoes as we think its quite dangerous and slippery. But these shoes although they look like Crocs are different. The shoe base looks quite good and the material is harder. So it gives Zai the comfy of his toes and at the same time looks safer. Oh, and it also doesn’t look like the cheapo market replica which is found to be emitting poisonous chemicals. And the best part? It was on sale and cost only SGD10 a pair! We couldn’t resist so we bought both colors. As the red was really nice but we think it will be difficult to match so we bought the blue for his daily use. And Chubby suggest we mix and match the shoes so he wear one color on each feet. *Faints*

Anyway I will like to revisit the store and look for some shoes of my own. I google and found this article. Looks like there is a store at Suntec. This means I can visit it after work.. *Hiak Hiak*