CNY 2013 – Part 2

Finally, continuation of the CNY posts.

For the first day of CNY, I purposely dressed the two kids in matching flowery clothing. I think they look cute and smart. 😛 Its the usual visiting to Chubby’s grandparents place then to my uncle’s place.

Its the first day of CNY, so I gave the kids more leeway. The girl stuff herself with lots of biscuits while at my uncle’s place and the boy had a tad too much sweets. The girl is very funny. While at my uncle’s place, she keeps bringing the goodies to us requesting us to open it for her. When we refuse, she will wander around and bring her shoes to me, requesting to leave the place. Aiyoh, so paiseh.

Daddy and his Girl (with mouth filled with food)
Daddy and his Girl (who is still chewing away)

We had our dinner at my uncle’s place as per tradition. My auntie is a good cook having inherit some skills from my Grandma. We ended the day at Chubby’s auntie’s place and manage to capture a funny family picture. Clearly the boy was on sugar high.

CNY Family Pic
CNY Family Pic

On the 2nd day of CNY, we went back to my parents place. I dress the kids in Mickey and Minnie for the day. Here they are with their YiYi.

Taking a Photo with YiYi
Taking a Photo with YiYi

CNY is also a time to feast. After a quick lunch at my parents place, we proceed to my aunt place to eat again!

Feasting @ Aunt’s Place

The traditional Hakka Yellow Wine Chicken was yummy to the max! I only get to eat it once a year. Oh.. thinking of it now, makes me drool.

One of the weekday, my SIL BF pack yu sheng to eat with us. Look at the mountain of salmon!

Mountain Yu Sheng
Mountain Yu Sheng

At the following weekend, we have more visiting to do. But we manage to slip sometime for playground fun! The girl in a dress my mum bought for her from BKK. Costing only SGD4. I need to go to BKK to shop for their clothes!

Loi at Playground
Loi at Playground

More updates in the next post!

CNY 2013 – Part 1

Chinese New Year has pass by so quickly and I didn’t have time to blog about it and it is over. Nonetheless, I still want to record this down on my blog since this is the first time Loi get to enjoy her CNY. Last year she was too young to understand, plus her bro was hospitalize.  So this year, she finally get the taste of CNY!

For us, CNY starts before the 1st day. Cause, we treasure reunion dinner alot! Before I got married, this is the only day we sit down together at the dining table to have our dinner. Surprisingly, now that I’m married, we have more chance to sit down and eat together as my parents make it an effort to eat out every weekend I visit them. Nonetheless, I still look forward to this traditional reunion dinner.

This year, we had our reunion 1 day before the CNY eve. This is because my mum always find it tiring to rush everything out on new year eve and get ready for her praying. So we had it one day earlier. But the tradition of hotpot continues!

Reunion Dinner @ Mum's Place
Reunion Dinner @ Mum’s Place

Zai is able to join us at the table this year, since he has grown taller and is able to eat almost the same food as us. The Angry Bird fish cakes were bought specially for him. But he prefers the chicken hotdog more. Keep asking me to “cook” for him. Well, its once a year so I let him indulge. Loi had her dinner before we eat. Cause we don’t think she can wait for her food to be cooked. But still, she joined us at the dinner table and my dad will feed her pieces of fish which she likes alot.


We had a reunion with Chubby family a few days before CNY as my younger SIL won’t be in Singapore on CNY eve. However, my MIL still whips out a few dishes on CNY eve for our little reunion.

2nd Reunion with Chubby Family
2nd Reunion with Chubby Family

Well, the kids could only eat the fish, while the adults savor on the rest. Oh, the yummy soup and duck is also missing from the picture.


Well, I also like to follow the tradition of letting the kids wear new pajamas on CNY eve. So here they are.

Loi in New PJ

The girl was playing with the powder after her bath. She thought they were loose powder for her face.

Zai and R in New PJ

Zai and his cousin R in their new PJ too.

I also gave them their red packets and slot them into their pillow case for them to sleep on. They may not understand the meaning of the red packets now. But I hope the well wishes will go to them.

This summarizes our pre-CNY day. So how did you spend your CNY eve and reunion dinner? Do you let your kids wear new PJ too?

Chinese New Year

Today is the last day of January 2011 already. Time flies (how many time have I written this on my blog??)… I remember last month I was still dreading the coming of Jan 2011 cause of my acceptance tests that will last through the month.. so its a difficult period.. But time has pass, and the busy period is over! Yay!

In a few days time, it will be Chinese New Year! This year will be different cause Zai will be with us. And for the first time, we have our own place, which means we have one more place to visit this year, my MIL’s…

I’m quite a tradition.. I loves Chinese New Year… for all the goodies and good mood… plus I don’t really see my relatives alot. The only time we meet is once a year during CNY… so I really like this festive season.. and I really couldn’t get it when people choose to go overseas during this period.. oh well, maybe not everybody sees their relatives only once a year… so CNY makes no different to them…

I have more or less prep all the things required.. I didn’t really get much CNY clothings for myself.. just 2 sets for the 1st few days.. but I have bought some clothes for Zai and can’t wait to dress him in them… I think he will look cute.. hahahaha.. this is more like for him… and chubby haven’t got anything new yet, maybe I will be able to persuade him to buy some tonight?

CNY goodies wise, there are some at home already… my FIL brought some over.. and I intend to buy some while we visit chinatown on the eve (I hope I can make it.. cause who to take care of Zai?) but I’m down with a bad cough since 2 weeks ago.. I hope I can recover in 2 days time and eat for revenge!!!

The new notes for Ang Bao are ready.. but I haven’t start “packing” yet.. I think I will wait till tomorrow night.. I’m just tired after this busy period… 😛 also need to draw more cash for the bigger ang baos of the elderly.. and yah how much should i give Zai??

Okie.. what else am I missing?