Terrible Experience at KKH

Nope I didn’t give birth there. My sister has a day surgery there yesterday, so I accompanied her throughout the procedure. And I’m irked by the service standard at the hospital!

First, my sister appointment for her surgery was at 1030. She was told to reach earlier for all the admission paper work as she intend to claim insurance. So we reached the hospital at about 0930. And the admission work was done by 0950, which we thought was pretty fast. And we were told to wait for the porter to bring us up to her ward. We waited.

Nobody came and we were left waiting until about 1020, the nurse from her specialist clinic came over and told us to proceed directly to the clinic for her op. She told us that the doctor is still doing op for another patient so we are to wait for a while. She enquired if my sis has eaten breakfast. My sis told her no and she say actually she can eat something light. She told her to go for breakfast and will call her when the doc is ready. So we went.

We ate and waited again. It was already pass 1100 and we still yet to receive the call from them. My sis say we better go back to the clinic and wait in case they forget. So we went back to the clinic. Waited for another 10 mins and nobody “entertained” us. And btw, the clinic was empty except for us. So my sis went up to the counter to check and they check on their paper work, got my sis to sign an indemnity form and ask her to wait outside room 4. I was like duhz, if we didn’t ask we were be left waiting don’t know for what.

So we proceed to wait outside room 4. The nurse from that room came out and asked my sis to go in so she can take her BP and temperature. 5 mins later she came out and told her to wait for a FEW minutes as the doctor is not in the room. Apparently she left after finishing the op for the previous patient. My sis asked me to go for my pump as its about time and by the time I finish she will also be done (cause we read online the procedure will take about 30 to 45 mins) and we can eat lunch together. So I left.

The breastfeeding room as they put it, is just outside her clinic right next to the toilet. The “cubicle” is divided using only curtains that could open from both side, like those in the ward. This means there is no physical wall between them. And the mummy next door open the wrong side when she was leaving her cubicle. And yes my boobies were bare infront of her. And she still didn’t realize until I call out to her. She was “busy” trying to find “her way out”. ><|||

After my pump, I came out of the cubicle and wanted to wash my stuff. There were two sinks, a metal one like those of the kitchen with a side piece and a ceramic one used in toilet. Naturally I chose the metal one since it looks more like for washing of edible stuff. And I realize that there wasn’t any chairs outside where I can place my breast pump and bag. I didn’t want to hog up the cubicle as being a woman and children hospital I’m sure the usage will be high (true enough another mummy came in when I was still washing my stuff). So I have no choice to put my breast pump on the side piece of the metal sink (which thankfully was dry) and continue to lug on my bag while I wash up.

The flow of water from the metal sink was small which make washing difficult. And half way thru the washing, I realize the water that flow out is whitish instead of clear!!!! I let the water flow somemore without washing and it still white. I turn to the ceramic sink and thankfully the water was clear and the flow was better. So I rewash all my apparatus and praying that the whitish water was not toxic and can be wash away. I rewash everything again later when I went to my sis ward. I hope nothing will happen to my daughter.

When I’m done with the washing, I went out to the patient service counter wanting to tell the staff about the tap. The staff at the counter was talking to somebody, so I waited. The staff half way thru her talk turn and look at me. The first thing she say was “Where you want to go”. I told her that I just want to feedback about the tap. She then says ok and turn back to the other lady and continue talking. As they were conversing in Malay, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. So I continue to stand there and stare at her. She turn over to me again when she realize that I didn’t leave. Then she say she will get somebody to look at it. I told her its quite scary as that is a breastfeeding room and I was washing my breastpump. She smiles and say ok. I then walk off but when I turn my head around she was back talking to that lady. I’m not sure if she really call somebody in after her talk. But considering that is a breast feeding room, I thought the matter was quite urgent.

When I went back to the clinic I saw my sis sitting outside the clinic. I asked her its over so fast? She told me she haven’t do it yet. The doctor is still not here. I was shocked cause it was 1hr since the nurse told her to wait. I told her to go in and ask the nurse again. Besides my sis is considered a private patient since she didn’t get a referral from the Polyclinic. I told her to go demand for her rights. When she went to ask she was still very polite and gentle. I couldn’t take it, so I went in also to tell the nurse off. The nurse still have the cheek to tell me that “I told you just now you have to wait a while right”. That really pisses me off. I told her that an hour ago you say to wait for a few minutes now it’s 1 hour later. She then say oh she will try to call for the doctor again. She wasn’t able to locate the doctor just now. I was really about to boil if not for my sis cheerfulness.

And 5 minutes later the doctor came and the whole procedure took less than 5 minutes. By the time we are done it’s 1245. She was told to rest a while outside the clinic before she got pushed to the ward.

I’m really put off by the service standard there. And when I share my experience with my colleague, she told me she also had bad experience with them when she went there for check ups. So in the end she took her report and went to somewhere else. With my past experience of Zai being warded, we did meet some nice nurse. But the doctors were not of standard. They keep having houseman coming and asked us the same questions about family history and Zai’s development 5 times. Two different houseman, two different doctor in charge of the ward that 2 days and one senior consultant. Seriously, I saw all of them jotting down on Zai’s record. So I seriously didn’t understand why they have to ask so many times.

Seriously I’m considering not going back to them the next time (Choy!).


I was reading "Our Everyday Things" blog post about breastfeeding and it inspired me to write something on this topic.

I wouldn't say I'm an expert now in breastfeeding (BF), but I must say I was quite lucky on this BF road. Firstly, because of the "scare" from my ex-boss, I took up the ante-natal course from Mt A to learn more about BF. And I was shown how to properly latch a baby, the importance of BF and all. I think those information was really helpful, cause I didn't have problem latching Zaizai from day 1. But of course it also helps that Zaizai is also good at latching.

Secondly, my engorgement wasn't really bad. Probably because of the "stories" I heard both in classes and real person, I took special care the first few days I got home. I would constantly massage it when Zaizai latches or when I'm expressing. I remember the first few time I express, I took like an hour for each side. Cos I will try to massage away any lump I feel.. but later on I realise from my Gynae that I shouldn't be expressing for so long… at most 1/2 hour… 😛

Thirdly, it also help that my Gynae is very pro-BF… he told me how to get my breast ready for BF.. like cleaning the nipple to remove any dead skin cells and applying nipple cream even before the baby is born to let it become more moisturize and less likely to crack once BF starts…

and oh, I think it also helped that I got a good and expensive breast pump… a good one is less noisy and being a dual pump will actually save time… plus there is no problem of creating a mess because when you pump on one side, the other side is leaking like mad… it "saves" the precious breast milk too… and one reason i preserve till now is also because of the expensive breast pump… I must make sure that I have at least save enough from buying formula milk before I can stop BF… 😛

Lastly, its important to get the support of your partner… Hubb was very supportive of BF… so he manage to help me ward off queries during the initial stages… 🙂

Of course, not all is rosy… I remembered the first few days when I got home, i was so tired from BF.. cos I have to wake up every 2 hours in the night just to BF Zaizai… I remembered I cried one night just because I was too tired.. lucky hubb was there…

and there is also the question of whether the baby have enough… the first few days my MIL is very concern whether baby have enough.. cause there is no way for her to see how much Zaizai has actually drunk… and it doesn't help that Zaizai only goes to bed at 2am during the 1st week.. they tot its because his hungry thats why he doesn't want to sleep… but soon my MIL is brought over.. cos she saw that Zaizai is putting on weight and has no problem in passing motion…

and i remember during the 2nd week of his birth, Zaizai suddenly refuses to latch… we tot its because we have cup feed him too much… and he got lazy and refuse to latch… so I had to express out for him to be bottle fed… and I didn't manage to express enough for him, and we ended up buying a tin of formula to supplement the feed… but luckily, we met a very nice nurse at the polyclinic when we brought Zaizai there to check for his jaundice level… she told us could be because we were too late to nurse him… we should take the hints before he cries and latch him.. cos once he starts crying its going to be difficult.. and true enough when we got home we put her tips to test and we manage to latch Zaizai once again! I was so happy… so till date the tin of formula is still at home with 3/4 left…

all in all I really enjoyed BF… especially when I have Zaizai latching on to me.. the kind of bonding cannot be forged in anyway… i really felt blissful when I see him suckling.. sometimes even holding on to my breast… i really miss it now that I start working and could only latch him at night… I hope I can continue to BF him until his birthday… I dunno how is it going to be like once Zaizai have teeth… I hope it doesn't hurt too much…

There is this quote on my "milkmaid tea" that I really like and agree to "I look down into your eyes and feel you tugging at my breast but it feels like you're tugging at my heart"

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