Taking a break…

Thank you for stopping by and reading on The Little Mom. As you have noticed, there was no update on the blog since August. This is because I have decided to take a break from blogging and concentrate on what is more important in my life. Thank you for your support all this while. I’m not sure whether I will be back and if I will renew my domain next March. Let’s wait and see. If you are interested, I may still share some posts on my FB page, its easier and take lesser time.

So, take care and all the best to you and your family.

Development: TT @ 6 Months

Achieved Skills

  • Turns towards sound and voices
    Yes. When somebody press on the door bell, he will look towards the door and break into a smile. When I reach home, I love to call out to him too.
  • Imitates sounds, blows bubbles
    This is one noisy boy. He makes lots of sounds before he sleeps or when he is really bored. But no sure if it constitutes under here.
  • Rolls in both direction
    Yes, though he prefers the left side more.

Emerging Skills

  • Reaches for objects and mouth them
    Yes. He mouth anything he can lay his hands on. He even grab my sleeves and chew when I carry him.
  • Sits without support
    Nope. Hoping he can do soon so we can sit him when we are out for dinner.

Advanced Skills

  • May lunge forward or start crawling
    Kind of. He will go on a little all fours, raise his butt, move it front and back and whole body will move backwards a little.
  • May jabber or combine syllabus
  • May drag object towards himself
    Yes. Just yesterday I left my phone on torch light mode while I went to switch off the room light so I can feed him. I saw him attempting to reach for my phone and pull towards him.


Dear TT,

You are 6 months! And you know what, the first food you taste outside MeeMee’s milk is durian! GongGong secretly fed you some durian one week before you turn 6 months! And I think you like it. MeeMee fed you again a few days after and you were licking it well.

And you have started solid. You are drinking brown rice in the morning together with your milk. Well, sadly, MeeMee didn’t know exactly when you started as your MaaMaa fed you without informing her. So MeeMee can’t really take a pic of you officially starting your solid. MeeMee is kind of sad that she can’t capture this major milestone. She was hoping to start you on a weekend so she can witness it. Well…

You are still the happy boy that breaks out into smile easily. But MeeMee seems to be hearing less of your LOL, maybe because you are more aware of your surrounding now. You still love you peek-a-boo and never fail to smile when MeeMee play with you. I heard from DeeDee, your JieJie love to play that with you every morning too.

MeeMee is happy that both your GorGor and JieJie love you dearly. They call out to you when they reach home. Often showering you with many kisses that MeeMee don’t get. And there was once where your GorGor woke up from a bad dream and MeeMee happened to be pumping milk and heard his breathing. I know a tantrum is coming up from him. I was still wondering how to pacify him while I continue to pump. You know what? He turned, he saw you, his breathing smooths and proceed to sleep beside you. He even shares his blanket with you. MeeMee is really thankful of that.

Thanks for growing well and staying healthy. MeeMee hope all this continues. And she is still trying to find time to read and play with you more.