Play@SG: Spottiswoode Park Estate

Tuck away in a corner of Outram near the old Tanjong Pagar Railway station, is the Spottiswoode Park Estate. Over there, we found a lovely playground that the kids love.

Spottiswoode Playground - Ladybug
A ladybug rocker, how adorable. And safe for toddlers.

The first thing that caught our attention was this ladybug rocker. And if one is not enough, there are two more creepy crawlies around.

I really love the look of these rockers. The only downside, they are a little tall. So younger kids may need help to get up.

Spottiswoode Playground - Slides
Apart from the curve slide, there are 3 more smaller slide for the younger kids.

One thing about this playground, we notice there are a lot of climbing structure. From the photo above, you can see the brown curve climbing structure on the left. Behind that brown curve, is a green and yellow steps with pole. If that is not enough, here are more.

They thought of the younger ones too.

A small ladder for younger kids. The littlest (1.5yo) need help to get up on this.
A small ladder for younger kids. The littlest (1.5yo) need help to get up on this.

This playground seems to be more suited for older kids. There is no simple way to get up except fo this ladder. However, having a higher profile means, the kids can run around under it.

Younger kids may be attracted to this.
Pause and check yourself out after all the running?

If that is not enough, how about a game of hop scotch?

Can you still remember how to play this game?
Can you still remember how to play this game?

This playground is located just behind the multi-story carpark (Blk 108 Spottiswoode Park Road). If you are nearby do drop by and check it out.

Play@SG is our effort to record down the free play areas in Singapore. If you have one to share or link, do let us know!

Indoor: Nickelodeon Slime Cup SG

Weekend is just round the corner, if you are looking for some activity to do this weekend, how about some Slimy Sports? Sounds disgusting, nah, its going to be interesting.  Here is why:

Fourth Year in SG
This is the fourth year Nickelodeon is holding the Slime Cup in Singapore. If it is not good, I don’t think they will be coming back for the fourth time.

Kids Favourite Meet and Greet
Which kids don’t like to see their favourite characters up close in real life? This year Make It Pop stars, SpongeBob Square Pants, Patrick Star, Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol and Leo and Donnie from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleswill be at the event.

Sport Challenge with Slime Factors
Human Foosball, Slime Bowling and Giant Slime Slingshot just to name a few are available for play that day. I’m pretty sure we will be covered by Slime by the end of the day. So do remember to pack extra clothes!

Dress-up and Photo Station
If you have a girl (like ours) who isn’t into sports, there is a dress up station, where they can smear some slime and put on temporary tattoos. Afterwhich, take some wefie, hashtag it with  #SlimeCupSG on Instagram, your picture will be printed and you can redeem it at the photo station.

Photo Source: Nickeldeon Slime Cup SG

So when is this happening? This Saturday (16 Jul) and Sunday (17 Jul) at City Square Mall. Do note that 16 Jul is for Singtel subscribers only. And admission is FREE. For more details check out their official website.

Play@SG: Bukit Batok Civil Service Club

In 2011, I blogged about the little indoor playroom at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club (CSC). After a few years, the club gave the play room an overhaul!

After a few years, the previous playground was pretty worn out. Glad that the club overhual it.
After a few years, the previous playground was pretty worn out. Glad that it was overhauled.

So here are some close up shots.

The tunnel that gets you from the one side (stair) to the other (ball pit).
The tunnel that gets you from the one side (stair) to the ball pit. Too bad the net was there, else I will try to put my hand into the little holes of the tunnel to “scare” the kids.

Anyway, on to the other side of the playground.

A look through area, where the littles love to wave to us from. And of course a slide that send you into the ball pit! The littlest love it.
A see-through area, where the littlest love to wave to us from. And of course a slide that sends you into the ball pit! The littlest love it.

If you look carefully at the two pictures, there is a design flaw in this playground though. The kids there, mine included, were bringing the balls to the tunnel and throwing them through the little hole (that explains the plastic bag in the pic). Unfortunately, any balls that goes under the tunnel cannot be reach from other areas. So they are stuck there. I told the kids to stop doing it, but there were still others. I told them nicely to stop throwing. But they wouldn’t listen and their parents are not around. Sigh.

Anyway, apart from the main structure, there are other rockers inside the room.

Rockers and "see-saw" for the little ones and colorful stools for the parents.
Rockers for the little ones and colorful stools for the parents. You can also see the room is very nicely painted.

The little bookshelf from the previous time, is still there.

The books which some kids mess up with.
With the playground around, these books are largely ignored. LOL

All in all, the kids (6 y.o, 5 y.o and 16 months) love the playroom. The littlest can handle the playground easily. So I will say it is suitable for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Entry to the playroom is free. But this also means that there is no one “looking after” the room during its opening hours. It very much depends on individual social responsibilities to not let sick children in and sanitize their hands. Socks are also not required though shoes must be removed before entering. The area is generally quite clean.

If you are looking for a free area to play, away from the heat or rain, you can consider going to this playroom. Oh and an added note, there is a Children Party Room next to it. Few years back, we held the girl’s 1st birthday party there. A decent size room and more importantly, something to entertain little children while the guests mingle. Booking the party room does not give you exclusive rights to the playroom, but it is still convenient enough.

Play@SG is my effort to record down different free playgrounds and play areas in Singapore. All opinions are our own.

Indoor: Oceans’ Buddies @ Kids STOP

[ Media Invite ]

The kids love sea creatures. Maybe it explains why they love to watch Octonauts. So I was quite happy when we were invited to participate in the Oceans’ Buddies exhibit at one of their favourite indoor playground, Kids STOP.

The Oceans’ Buddies exhibit aims to foster a friendship between children and the ocean so that the children can help protect the ocean, i.e. marine conservation.

Marine Conservation Brief
In the brief, the staff from Kids STOP explain to us, why it is important to not throw rubbish into the sea.

The Kids STOP staff who was “angry” with people who threw rubbish into the sea.

In the example given, she explain to us that plastic bags appear to be like Jellyfish in the sea. And Sea Turtles, which eat Jellyfish, may not be able to tell the difference between the two. As a result, they could get themselves killed from trying to eat a plastic bag.

Personalise Sea Creatures come “alive”
After the brief the kids were asked to colour their favourite sea creatures to let it come “alive”.

The girl colouring her Puffer Fish using the pilot FriXion pens provided. The erasable nature of the pen allows the paper with the sea creatures to be reused. It goes well with the conservation theme.
The boy chose his favourite Manta Ray.

After the kids are done with the colouring, they can bring their master pieces to a machine for it to be scanned and “uploaded” onto the virtual ocean.

The brief moment where the boy’s Manta Ray and the girl’s Puffer Fish met.

The kids were really happy to see their sea creatures swimming around. Though the Manta Ray is not a very good choice as most times, we could only see the bottom of the Ray, which is not the part the boy coloured. But fortunately , he was the only one who chose the Ray. So we could spot it easily. For the rest of the sea creatures, it will be good to ask your kids to sign off their name on their master pieces so that it is easier for them to find in the “ocean”. The girl was very happy trying to spot her “Loi Loi” fish as it swims about.

The Oceans’ Buddies exhibit is included in the admission fee. There is no need to pay extra for the experience. However, the briefing is held only at a certain time. The morning session brief is at 10am.

Disclaimer: We were invited to view the exhibit. No monetary compensation was received for the post. All opinions are our own.


Play@SG: Jalan Selaseh Park

Where is Jalan Selaseh Park? Its near Seletar Hill. We happen to chance on this playground because my SIL chio us for a meal at a Chinese restaurant near there.

As with all parks, the playground over there is a little different. There is a “Spider Web” right in the middle.

Compare to West Coast Park, this web is smaller and more achievable. The boy (6 y.o) manage to climb to the top.

To the left of the web is a climbing structure and slide.


For young toddlers, there is the rockers.

This is one of the rockers around, there were more available.

Or a merry-go-round, that will certainly burn off some calories for the parents.


There are also two swings on the right of the web. However, there was constantly some kids on the swing, so I didn’t manage to take a picture. The swing is a little different from our usual. It has a flat seat instead of the curved ones. It reminded the girl (4.5 yo) of the wooden swing she stood on in the Malaysia farm. So she stood on that swing too.

The place wasn’t crowded when we reach about 5pm on a Saturday. It got a little more crowded when its closer to 6pm. However, there were many small insects flying around that day. And I got bitten my them. So we didn’t stay long at the playground. So do remember your insect repellent if you are paying this playground a visit.

Play@SG is our effort to record down the different free playgrounds or play areas in Singapore. If you have any to recommend, drop us a comment or email. T.I.A.

Home: Learning through Pretend Play + Toddle Shop

[ Sponsored Post ]

In my previous post, I mention about trying to think of ways to add more “play” into our daily learning. And coincidentally, Toddle shop contacted me around the period to do a sponsored post. So I combined the two and got the kids on a learning activity.

The Shopping
I login to their website and the “play and learn” category caught my attention.  

Toddle shop main webpage. A category dedicated for play and learn deserves thumbsup.

I click into the category and is presented with products from that range. The site allow me to refine the list of products further by sub-categorizing the items. I selected “Pretend Play” and is impressed by the range of Melissa & Doug products they carry. Just as I was browsing around, Zai saw what I was looking at and asked if I’m getting toys for him. I asked him to select one for himself and he couldn’t decide between the Sushi Set or the  Coffee Set. He asked MeiMei over and the girl took a liking for the Sushi Set and chose it for herself. So the boy settled with the Coffee Set and chose another BBQ set for the littlest. I also got another Latch Board for the littlest. I just love good quality wooden toys. We received our toys within 2 days and off we go to cook up a storm! 

Always like Melissa and Doug toys. They are of good quality that last.

The Play and Learn
After we open up the toy, I allow some free play time for them first. This is important as I know, they weren’t be listening to much instructions once the new toys are opened. Being pretend play toys, the toys itself allows the kids to use their imagination, practice their motor skills (cutting sushi and picking them up with chopsticks) and hand eye coordination (adding the BBQ food to the skewers). 

Master Chef happily serving up his food using my ransom box as a “table”.

Once the kids are ready, I suggested we setup a small cafe to “sell” food. Zai volunteered to be the Master Chef, the girl choose to be waitress and naturally I became the customer. The girl came over to me to “take my order”. I told her to use the order chit from the coffee set as a menu and tick my orders accordingly (print awareness and fine motor skills). I proceed to order some sushi and BBQ food. She had to remember my order including what is the food I want on the skewer and repeat it to the boy. After the food is ready, she serves it to me and I paid before I “left” the cafe. 

I really like the BBQ set, it also help reinforce math learning pattern. The boy lace the food himself and I noticed he used the ABAB pattern for one and ABCABC pattern for the other. Learning can just take place like that.

The Play and Learn II
I’m intending to bring the learning to the next level by asking the kids to write on our white board the food they serve and the price for each item. This allow them to practice writing and also do simple calculation (calculate amount and change due). If time permits, we will come up with order chits too. Writing something that is “meaningful” to them beats doing assessment books anytime.

Learning can just take place in many form. So if you are interested in adding more fun to learning, check out Toddle. They have a range of good quality wooden toys and also other necessities for mothers like breast pump, clothes, etc. And if you quote thelittlemom15, you will get 15% off your purchase with a minimum spending of SGD70. Enjoy shopping and have a blast with the kids! I need to go back to be a customer at Zai’s cafe. Bye!

Disclaimer: We received some shopping credits to shop at Toddle shop. We make the selection ourselves and top up the difference with our own money. All views are our own and play suggestion by me and the elder boy.

TV: Singtel Netflix

[ Media Invite ]

As most of you know I allow my kids to watch TV or use smart devices once they pass their first birthday. Ok, I tried to restrict to after 2 years but it’s really hard when I’m not the main care giver. Nonetheless, I limit the time they use, and look out for the content they are watching. There are really some good contents which helped the kids learn a lot. Like the cartoon Octonauts that I previously shared.

But looking for good shows are really not easy especially for us who don’t watch TV regularly (The kids only get TV and iPad time on weekends). So most times we know of what to watch by chance or they learn from their friend. And the videos are mostly watched off YouTube. So when we heard that Netflix is coming to Singapore we were really happy. Finally, we can have some better quality videos. Fortunately for us, we were also invited to a media event to know more about Netflix and Singtel tie up with them.

Before the Singtel Netflix event start. They showed us some of the features and available content on the TV screen.

Here is what I summarize from the event and after trying out the App.

  • Parental Control: Netflix help to categorize their shows into Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, Adults and Restricted. So you can set the parental control at the different level. Without the pin, the viewer will not be able to watch the content. I just set my control at Older Kids so the kids will not get access to things which are not appropriate.  
  • Different Profile: Netflix allow the setup of different profile for the same account. In this way, they can track base on the shows you watch suggest other shows that you may like. 
  • Kids Profile: Netflix also allow you to set the profile to kids, so that only kids content will appear in their feed. Isn’t that great? Cause my kids have stumbled on some not so appropriate videos when they were watching YouTube.
  • Great Variety of Content: Movies, cartoons, series and even documentaries are available on Netflix. I saw a documentary on the sea creatures showing up in Loi’s profile feed. I think the kids will be interested on that.
  • Netflix Programmes: On top of being a content provider, they also have their own original programs. I’m going hide in my room to checkout their Daredevil series off my iPad tonight (shh… don’t let the kids know).

Ok enough said about Netflix, find out more for yourself by downloading their app or signup online. They have a free 1 month trial and if you are a Singtel subscriber or intend to sign up with them, you can get up to 9 months free of Netflix. Check out Singtel website for more!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the media preview for the Singtel Netflix event. No monetary compensation was received for the post and all opinions and experience were our own.