Taking a break…

Thank you for stopping by and reading on The Little Mom. As you have noticed, there was no update on the blog since August. This is because I have decided to take a break from blogging and concentrate on what is more important in my life. Thank you for your support all this while. I’m not sure whether I will be back and if I will renew my domain next March. Let’s wait and see. If you are interested, I may still share some posts on my FB page, its easier and take lesser time.

So, take care and all the best to you and your family.

Reflect: July 2017

You know how they always say “Days are long year is short”? I feel this every time when I do my monthly reflection. Things that I thought happened just last week was actually a few weeks ago!

We had a little more fun this month as were out more often and had a good time as a family.

Merlion Magic Lights – National Day Version
Sometime last year, the kids asked for a cable car ride. So off we went. When we were there, we signed up for the faber license as we can easily cover the cost by taking the cable car at least twice within the year. Plus, we can take all other forms of transport into Sentosa without the need to pay (including driving in, but excluding parking). P.S. I’m not here to sell the license, but it’s really quite a worthwhile deal. And I’m not sponsored in any way.

The Littlest has been asking for a cable car ride (again!) and to visit the Merlion. Since they have taken the ride in the day before, we decided to take a night ride this time. I had planned for them to watch the sunset in the cable car, but unfortunately, we left home a little too late and we missed the sunset and the fireworks from USS. But we were presently surprise by the Merlion Magic Lights show.

This photo was taken by the Girl. She really loved the show and the littlest too. He sat quietly for 10 mins just to wait for the show to start and was very cooperative throughout the show. He has a love for the Merlion.

The show was really lovely and is free. The first show starts at 7:15pm and thereafter every half an hour. The last show is 9:15pm on weekday and 10:15pm on weekend. Do check it out if you have the time.

Lion Dance
Just last weekend, we caught the Lion Dance competition for the primary school by chance.

Lion dance performed by Telok Kurau Primary School. The 狮尾 was performed by an Indian boy!

I was actually very touched to see the kids involving in such cultural activities. Especially when we spotted non-chinese in the teams. This is what we call racial harmony that is uniquely Singapore. The kids enjoyed the performances too.

While the kids have fun on weekends and days when school is closed, they also have their fair share of homework to do. Getting the boy to do work still needs a lot of coaxing and screaming (unfortunately). However, I recently found a method and it seems to be working better, and that is a simple “to-do list“. I will write down the “tasks” we have to complete for the night on his little white board and point him to it whenever he is wasting time. I hope this will reduce the amount of screaming I have to do.

The girl is still working on her word blends and sight words. Some days she is good, some days she seems unsure. But for her consistent is key and at least she is more willing to do her work so there is hardly a need for me to scream at her. But it does get a little frustrating when she keeps making the same mistake.

Terrible Two
While both the Boy and Girl didn’t have much of a Terrible Two, the Littlest is different. He is the most challenging kid among my 3. I could feel the teachers are also having a difficult time with him. I think this is probably because we do not spend enough time with him and he was taken care of mainly by the Helper who usually give in to his “wants”. I made a mental note to myself that I need to spend more time with him and also to teach him what are proper behaviors. Wish me luck.

Tasks for Next Month

  • Exercise
    I manage to do Tabata at least twice a week for most weeks in July. I think I’m gonna stick with that for now, as I don’t think I’m consistent enough.
  • Reading
    After a few months, we finally finished our first chapter book together in July! The kids are still not very used to chapter books. Especially the girl. She still prefer to have visuals. However, reading time this month is not as regular because too much time was wasted in getting the Boy to do his homework. I hope we can read a chapter or a short book each day for August.
  • Time with the Littlest
    As mention above, the Littlest is at a stage where I think we need to spend more time before he gets out of hand. I’m thinking of reading books about proper behaviours with him every other day for the month of August. Let’s see if it helps.

Seems like we will have a busy August, especially when the Boy has all the tests before his school holiday. Wish us luck!


Travel: One World Hotel (KL)

As mention in our previous post, we took the kids to Kuala Lumpur over the June holidays. To be exact, we were just at the outskirt of KL and we stayed at One World Hotel.

One World Hotel, was a recommended hotel at Kidzania KL website. Oh, I forgot to mention, our aim for this trip was to bring the kids to Kidzania and have a little staycation. Hence, that explain the short trip and why we are staying at One World Hotel.

Executive Deluxe Room (Two Queen Bed)

One thing for me when I’m looking for hotels, I always look for those that provide family suites or rooms big enough for our entire family this will reduce logistics issues. Hence, I was very surprise and happy to find out that One World Hotel offers Executive Deluxe Room that comes with two Queen-size bed.

The executive deluxe room with 2 queen size bed.

Actually, I think the each bed is actually smaller than a queen size, probably a double bed, nonetheless, its big enough for one adult and one kid. No prize for guessing which kid went over to another room and sleep with the helper.

Close-up of the bed to let you estimate the width. I think can put two pillows nicely side by side with no extra space. So definitely smaller than a queen.

The executive suite also comes with a decently size toilet, which has a bath tub and a standing shower. The kids had a good time doing their soak in the tub.

Free Shuttle Service

Another good thing about One World Hotel is the Free Shuttle Service. The shuttle service brings you to places like Kidzania, Sunway Lagoon, Petronas Twin Tower and KL Sentral Station. For those who didn’t drive up to KL or doesn’t like to brave the traffic yourself, can consider taking the free shuttle. However, there is only 1 time slot per day for most location. So do check out the timing and don’t miss the shuttle like us. We had to take a cab down to Kidszania. But it’s not expensive to take a cab, less than RM10.

Link to 1 Utama Shopping Centre

There is a direct link from the hotel to 1 Utama Shopping Center, which happens to be the world’s 4th largest mall according to CNN. So we just walk over to the mall for our meals and do our shopping. Though I must say they carry a lot of brands which are available in Singapore and after conversion is not much cheaper. But well, at least there isn’t a need to brave the heat, rain and traffic of KL.

We spotted this very awesome indoor playground at 1 Utama on the last day. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the kids), the kids are happily chilling in the room and not with us.

Although the shopping wasn’t great, the entertainment were. Like the indoor playground we spotted (see above) and the cinema. Oh watching a show in Malaysia is so much cheaper than SG. It cost about RM13 for adults and only RM9 for kids! We are paying 3 times more in Singapore. There is supposedly an ice-skating rink too. But the mall is simply too huge, we didn’t cover enough ground to spot the rink.

Swimming Pool

Since it’s a “staycation”, we had to go to the pool right? I didn’t read up much about the pool when I was doing the booking. So I was pleasantly surprise that there is actually a slide at the pool!

The staircase and slide at the pool. 

Though the pool is not big, but since there wasn’t many people, the kids have a good time going up and down the slide. The boy even mimic the pups in Paw Patrol sliding down to their cars. A smaller area also means its easier for us to manage the kids.


Will I come back and stay at the hotel again? You bet. The location is good (next to shopping mall, coach stops at the basement and near to Kidszania) and the service staff are friendly. Even the littlest can recall his “holiday” at the hotel. So if you intend to bring your kids to Kidszania KL, do consider staying at One World Hotel.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We paid everything out of our own pocket to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. We are just sharing it for the benefit of anyone planning for a trip to KL. Information was accurate at time of post.

Reflect: June 2017

While a lot of parents celebrate the end of school holidays, I’m those few that is not so happy, cause it means I’m back to waking up early and struggle with the eldest morning routine (read: waking him up).

So here’s what we did during June.

Trip to KL
We brought the kids to KL during June, as part of the June holiday break for the kids. We didn’t do much in the trip as the main highlight was for them to visit Kidszania KL. But it was the kids first experience on the coach, which they really love while Mama still prefers to drive in by ourselves. LOL.

School Holiday Revision
This Mama has been really relaxed during the first semester of the boy’s formal education. But after seeing his result, I think he could have performed better if I have put in more effort to do revision with him and I think its important to build a good foundation for the years to come. So during the school holidays, I set out a few pages (like 4 pages only) of assessment book for the boy to do during the day. I will go through with him only those questions he is unsure of at night. I hope this will help him get better.

After-school Revision
Starting from this term, the boy has been withdrawn from the student care, as we don’t really like their schedule. The nap and tea break time were late, causing him to be active when its close to bed time and affects his intake for dinner. The first few days after school started, there were some tension between the boy and his grandma and helper in the day. As everybody is trying to get use to the schedule and making the boy do his own homework and the assessment I set for him to complete. I think we just have to slowly iron things out.

P1 Registration
As the girl is under Phase 1, P1 registration this year was a breeze. There is no need for us to take leave and queue for the registration. We were informed of the process through email, so it was so convenient. BTW, the P1 registration process is still ongoing, you can check out the vacancies for different school here.

Thankful that this month, the kids are relatively back in good shape after the horrible May. I’m piling the kids with multi-vitamins and water hoping that they will keep it this way. Especially the littlest. With them more healthy, it means we can go for “swimming” (read: water-play), which the kids love. So we visited a pool we haven’t visited since we move and also explored the water playground at Kallang Wave Mall. No pictures as I was busy playing with the kids. Something I want to do more, be with them and not behind the “lens”.

Tasks for Next Month
I’m taking the “start small” approach, i.e. trying to do things little by little and hopefully see some result at the end of the year.

  • Exercise
    I’m suppose to exercise more in June, but only did 2 days of Tabata and gave myself excuses to skip it. LOL. So this month, I’m telling myself that I need to do Tabata at least twice a week. And we will slowly increase the frequency from there if I’m able to be consistent with this result.
  • Revision with the Kids
    The boy has been enjoying life after school since he stopped going for student care. I have decide to push him a little more by giving him more assessment pages to do everyday and hopefully he can “catch-up” to where the school is now.
  • Reading
    This has always been in my to-do list but not much improvement. So starting small, I’m telling myself at least 1 section (the self-help book I’m reading down has sections within a chapter) a day. Let see how this goes by the end of July.

Looks like our June is less busy than our May and I like it! Decluttering is my aim for 2017, I’m glad our June looks less cluttered with activities. LOL. How was your June?

Travel: Firstcoach

Over the June holidays, we brought the kids to Kuala Lumpur to have a short getaway. We had initially wanted to go back to Sunway Lagoon, but decided to forgo it as we did not have enough time.

This time round, we did not drive up as my SIL is not willing to drive for 5 hours so we took a coach instead. It was the kids first experience on the coach.


At the recommendation of a relative who travels frequently between Singapore and KL, we decided to try out Firstcoach. And we are glad we made the right choice! Here are the reasons why:

  • Safe.  When travelling to KL, hubby got to take the first row of the coach and he monitored the coach driver throughout the ride (as much as he can). He noticed that the driver never exceeds 100km/hr. It may seem slow, but for such a big and heavy vehicle with so many passengers, I will rather be slow than not reaching my destination at all *Choy!*. We also noticed that there were 2 drivers each time on both our rides (to and fro). And they took turn to drive the coach ensuring they are not tire out from the long journey. (P.S. This is the first time we took this coach and this is what we noticed, we are not sure if it is the same for all the drivers and rides.)
  • Clean.  We also noticed that the coach was quite clean and neat, which is very important when you are trapped in that vehicle for so many hours.
  • Entertaining.  Each of the seat comes with their own entertainment system but you have to bring your own ear phones. Compared to airplanes, the selection were definitely lesser. There are about 6 shows in each category. And there is a category for “cartoon” and another for “family”, enough to keep my elder 2 entertained.
  • Thoughtful.  I noticed 3 pin power socket below the window for each row of seats. This means you can plug your charger in and charge up your devices anytime. No worries of running out of “juice”.
  • Friendly Drivers.  You know how you travel with young kids, a moment ago you asked them if they need to pee, they say no. And like an hour later, they told you they are very urgent. Well, it happened to my SIL and she had to asked the driver if he could pull over at the next resting point. Which they gladly did without much complains. But we feel bad for causing delay to other passengers.
  • Convenient.  It happens that this trip we are staying at the Bandar Utama area. The drop off point for the coach happens to be the hotel that we will be staying. So its really convenient for us.

Of course there are disadvantages:

  • Slow.  It took us a whopping 7 hours to reach KL! The bus left Novena at 8am, and we only reach KL like 3pm. There was queue at the Singapore and Malaysia customs but I think we manage to clear both within an hour. However, we probably chose a bad time to take the coach and was caught in heavy traffic along Singapore expressway while trying to get to Tuas Second Link. On our return leg, we left KL at 8am and cleared the Singapore custom by 12pm. That was really fast but unfortunately we waited at the custom for an hour because of an irresponsible passenger who left without informing the driver (another downside of taking coach).
  • No lunch break.  As our coach ride to KL was 8am, we had thought the coach will stop for a lunch break in between. We were wrong. The coach only stop for a short toilet break and there was no decent food for sale at the area. However, when we were coming back from KL, the coach did stop at an area with hawker and fast food. But we were given only 20 mins, which isn’t enough for us to go for toilet break and eat, especially with the kids. So Chubby actually da bao (packed) KFC on board. He wasn’t stopped by the driver but I felt a little pai seh because of the smell.
  • Reclining affects other passengers.  The chairs can be reclined to an angle where it will be diffcult for the passenger behind to get in and out of their seat. Fortunately for me, the kids were infront of us, so we are not affected. And I tried to be considerate and not recline my chair too much. I have taken a coach many years back to Genting, where the seat was really comfortable and the the reclining does not affect other passengers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in this coach.

At the end of the trip I asked the kids if they prefer to take a car or coach to KL. The answer was obviously coach as they can watch to their heart content. For me, I still prefer the car. Maybe because I’m not the driver. But I feel its easier to manage the kids, especially the littlest as he could be belted to the car seat. And the interaction while in the car is part of the family bonding for road trips. Besides, the time saved would mean we have more time to explore KL.

How about you? Do you prefer to drive up or take a coach? Share with us your views.


Book: The Littlest Dinosaur 小恐龙

I haven’t been blogging for about two months, as we were busy with the June holidays and the kids falling sick. But we didn’t stop reading this two months, there are many books that I wanted to share, but alas, time doesn’t allow as most books were returned to the library before I have time to take photo and blog about it. Luckily, I manage to “salvage” this book.


I was trying to look for Chinese books to read to the littlest, when I saw this book on one of the shelves. The (English) book title was just shouting at me to borrowed it. I mean, I always call our youngest the littlest and he has a love for dinosaur, isn’t this book, just by the title, so suitable for him?



This story is about a Mummy Dinosaur who had laid a few eggs. And one day, the eggs began to hatch. However, there is just one egg that wouldn’t hatch. The Mummy Dinosaur took extra care of the egg, fanning it when its hot and keeping it warm when the weather is cold. Due to the extra care that the egg requires, Daddy Dinosaur have to take over the responsibilities of taking care of the other baby dinosaurs.

And one day, when Daddy Dinosaur cannot take it any longer, he wanted to crack the egg, but was obviously stopped by Mummy Dinosaur who feels that the egg should be given time to hatch by itself.


Finally, one day, the egg hatched. But the dinosaur inside was so small. No bigger than the toe of an adult dinosaur (according to Daddy Dinosaur). And no matter how much Mummy fed the littlest dinosaur, he wouldn’t grow bigger. There were obviously many disadvantages of being such a small dinosaur. So the littlest dinosaur was often very sad. Until one day something happened, and as with most children books, our littlest dinosaur save the day.

What we like

  1. It’s a Chinese and English book combined into one! One book but yet we can teach both languages. And the kids can “read” how the English content is being translated to Chinese and vice versa. A good way to learn language I feel.
  2. It incorporates science and fiction! The littlest dinosaur will climb to the top of the mountain and stay there for a long time because everything seems small when he is at the top of the mountain. So I took the opportunity to ask the littlest to observe if that statement is true. I’m still looking for a way to explain the science behind it in a simple enough way for the kids to understand. Let me know if you have any idea.
  3. The moral of the story is about accepting ourselves for who we are and we will be useful in our own way. There is no need to get upset for being different. I find this a good value to have, especially for the littlest who often felt that he is not “big” enough to do what his siblings are doing (though his context is a little different from this).
  4. A reflection of real life. I liked the part where Daddy Dinosaur got so tired of taking care of the siblings that he wanted to crack open the egg, so Mummy Dinosaur won’t be spending her time tending to it. It’s so real isn’t it? I think next time when I read this to the kids, I will bring up the analogy that if they fall ill, the same will happen to Daddy and Mummy. So they better keep themselves healthy by drinking more water and washing their hands more often! LOL!

All three kids love the book, though the littlest will not allow me to read every word and choose to look at the pictures. So it really train my skill to summarise it for him. LOL.


Library Details:

  • Libraries: Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Bukit Merah, Choa Chu Kang, Geylang East, Jurong, Jurong West, Queenstown, Sembawang, Toa Payoh and Woodlands
  • Call Number: Chinese FOR
  • Location: Junior Lending Picture Book
Growing with the Tans Friday Flips

Reflect: May 2017

Our family spend the whole of May falling sick and trying to get back into health. What a tiring May 2017.

The illness all started in late April, where the Littlest caught HFMD. And we didn’t realize it was a HFMD case as he didn’t complain much except for the low-grade fever and poor appetite. There was no spots on his hands or mouth. So we thought he just caught some virus. Only when the school announced HFMD cases then we realize he might have caught the HFMD. Unfortunately, by the time we realize, it was a little too late. He has spread the virus to both the Girl and their cousin.

One of the best stay home activities for the kids were painting. This is the Littlest’s artwork. He says he is drawing “Purple Lion Dance, Leaves, Caterpillar and Rubbish”. Very abstract indeed.

Virus Attack
The Girl recovered from HFMD but developed a cough. It wasn’t really serious, but we could hear she has some phlegm. The Helper also came down with a bad throat and cough during the period. Soon the virus went to the Littlest and the Boy, and finally to Chubby and a little to myself. The Littlest was the worst hit as his fever shot as high as 40C. We eventually took him to the hospital for a check in case he has a chest or lung infection. Luckily all came out well. He is no longer having any fever, but the on-and-off cough is still there. Same for the Girl, while the Boy is back to drippy nose.

Weekend Play
With the kids being sick, we hardly have any chance to bring them out on weekends. The boy had to skip a birthday party as we are afraid we will be bringing the HFMD virus with us. On one of the weekends we manage to bring the elder two for a swim. It was drizzling when we were on our way to our usual pool, so Chubby decides to head further to see if we can escape the rain. So the kids visited the pool at Safra Jurong and we are delighted to have the whole children section to ourselves. Seems like no one visit the pool at that time. Or maybe no parent is crazy enough to bring their kids out for a swim when it looks like it might rain. LOL.

The Girl has been asking for a bicycle for sometime already. However, we were pretty reluctant to get one with stabiliser as we know that does not aid in learning to ride. And we have like 2 balance bike at home. Sometime last month, I noticed the Boy could balance pretty well on his balance bike, so we decide the time has finally come for the Boy to own a “normal” bike. And in getting for the Boy, we had to get for the Girl too. Fairness, they called it. LOL.

We decide to pay Decathlon a visit since they opened a new branch in the west. And we got the Girl’s bicycle there with easy to remove stabilisers. However, there was no male design for the Boy’s height, so we decide the both of them is to share the bicycle, and its a waste of money to buy two bicycles of the same height when they will outgrow it pretty soon.

The next day after we got the bicycle, Chubby brought the elder two to cycle. And the Boy manage to ride the bicycle by himself after like 1 try. It’s not the perfect kind of cycling, but he is able to maneuver around. He just had difficulties “starting” the cycle. I must say the balance bike investment was well spent. LOL. Now is to get the Girl to ride on the balance bike more.

The boy on the “girly” bicycle from Decathlon. We got their helmets and guards there too. Things were reasonably priced. And nope, we are not paid to advertise for them. Just sharing good deals. LOL.

Dino Robot Factory @ Science Centre
It’s the June holidays (though technically we are still in May), so we brought the kids to Science Centre. We decide to pay the Dino Robot Factory a visit since the boy love Dinosaurs. I must say this exhibition is a great improvement from the “Monsters of the Sea” exhibition which we visited last year. There was more interactive play this time round. However, I still find the ticket pricing expensive for such a small exhibition.

One of the exhibit at the Dino Robot Factory. The kids have to “fix” some of the parts for the robot Dino.

Report Book @ P1
It’s the end of Semester 1, which means the Boy got his report book for the first time. When I first saw his results, I was kind of disappointed. He didn’t do badly, most of his scores were above his cohort mean, however, his English and Math were below his cohort median. I was disappointed he couldn’t make it pass the 50 percentile. However, Chubby reminded me not to compare him with other kids, which I have to agree. We are all unique in our way.

We also got to meet the Teachers for all three kids last week. This is the first PTM for the Boy, so we were eager to hear what the teacher has to say about him (especially when we don’t see the teacher often unlike in Childcare). The teacher commented that he is generally ok, just that he was caught dozing off in class sometimes. I hope by pulling him out of the student care, we can help to reduce this from happening. His form teacher also commented about his work getting untidy and also some academic area for improvements.

The Girl and the Littlest PTM were more casual as we know the teachers well. The teachers commented that the Girl has made improvement in her ability to recognise words and just need to work harder on her show-and-tell. As well as increasing her interest in reading Chinese books. The Littlest needs more reading to, especially in area which teaches correct behaviors. This make me realize that I have been neglecting on books like these as the elder two are way pass that. I need to get more books suitable for the Littlest’s age.

School Holiday
School holiday has started but I told the Boy it doesn’t mean all play and no work. I have set aside homework for him to complete everyday by himself. He has done it for 2 days already, we hope he can continue to do so in the weeks to come. He needs to revise on what he has learned and also improve on areas which the teachers mentioned.

Tasks for Next Month
Here is what I aim to achieve in June:

  • Get the family back to health
    No chilled drinks, less processed food, supplements and more outdoor time. And exercise for Chubby and me!
  • Revision with the kids
    Homework has taken a back seat since the kids were ill in May. Time to get back in action and make sure the kids have solid foundation.
  • Reading
    For the kids to read more genre and “new” books. For myself, to read at least a few pages a day.

This is our very tiring May. How was yours?