Reflect: July 2017

You know how they always say “Days are long year is short”? I feel this every time when I do my monthly reflection. Things that I thought happened just last week was actually a few weeks ago!

We had a little more fun this month as were out more often and had a good time as a family.

Merlion Magic Lights – National Day Version
Sometime last year, the kids asked for a cable car ride. So off we went. When we were there, we signed up for the faber license as we can easily cover the cost by taking the cable car at least twice within the year. Plus, we can take all other forms of transport into Sentosa without the need to pay (including driving in, but excluding parking). P.S. I’m not here to sell the license, but it’s really quite a worthwhile deal. And I’m not sponsored in any way.

The Littlest has been asking for a cable car ride (again!) and to visit the Merlion. Since they have taken the ride in the day before, we decided to take a night ride this time. I had planned for them to watch the sunset in the cable car, but unfortunately, we left home a little too late and we missed the sunset and the fireworks from USS. But we were presently surprise by the Merlion Magic Lights show.

This photo was taken by the Girl. She really loved the show and the littlest too. He sat quietly for 10 mins just to wait for the show to start and was very cooperative throughout the show. He has a love for the Merlion.

The show was really lovely and is free. The first show starts at 7:15pm and thereafter every half an hour. The last show is 9:15pm on weekday and 10:15pm on weekend. Do check it out if you have the time.

Lion Dance
Just last weekend, we caught the Lion Dance competition for the primary school by chance.

Lion dance performed by Telok Kurau Primary School. The 狮尾 was performed by an Indian boy!

I was actually very touched to see the kids involving in such cultural activities. Especially when we spotted non-chinese in the teams. This is what we call racial harmony that is uniquely Singapore. The kids enjoyed the performances too.

While the kids have fun on weekends and days when school is closed, they also have their fair share of homework to do. Getting the boy to do work still needs a lot of coaxing and screaming (unfortunately). However, I recently found a method and it seems to be working better, and that is a simple “to-do list“. I will write down the “tasks” we have to complete for the night on his little white board and point him to it whenever he is wasting time. I hope this will reduce the amount of screaming I have to do.

The girl is still working on her word blends and sight words. Some days she is good, some days she seems unsure. But for her consistent is key and at least she is more willing to do her work so there is hardly a need for me to scream at her. But it does get a little frustrating when she keeps making the same mistake.

Terrible Two
While both the Boy and Girl didn’t have much of a Terrible Two, the Littlest is different. He is the most challenging kid among my 3. I could feel the teachers are also having a difficult time with him. I think this is probably because we do not spend enough time with him and he was taken care of mainly by the Helper who usually give in to his “wants”. I made a mental note to myself that I need to spend more time with him and also to teach him what are proper behaviors. Wish me luck.

Tasks for Next Month

  • Exercise
    I manage to do Tabata at least twice a week for most weeks in July. I think I’m gonna stick with that for now, as I don’t think I’m consistent enough.
  • Reading
    After a few months, we finally finished our first chapter book together in July! The kids are still not very used to chapter books. Especially the girl. She still prefer to have visuals. However, reading time this month is not as regular because too much time was wasted in getting the Boy to do his homework. I hope we can read a chapter or a short book each day for August.
  • Time with the Littlest
    As mention above, the Littlest is at a stage where I think we need to spend more time before he gets out of hand. I’m thinking of reading books about proper behaviours with him every other day for the month of August. Let’s see if it helps.

Seems like we will have a busy August, especially when the Boy has all the tests before his school holiday. Wish us luck!


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