Travel: One World Hotel (KL)

As mention in our previous post, we took the kids to Kuala Lumpur over the June holidays. To be exact, we were just at the outskirt of KL and we stayed at One World Hotel.

One World Hotel, was a recommended hotel at Kidzania KL website. Oh, I forgot to mention, our aim for this trip was to bring the kids to Kidzania and have a little staycation. Hence, that explain the short trip and why we are staying at One World Hotel.

Executive Deluxe Room (Two Queen Bed)

One thing for me when I’m looking for hotels, I always look for those that provide family suites or rooms big enough for our entire family this will reduce logistics issues. Hence, I was very surprise and happy to find out that One World Hotel offers Executive Deluxe Room that comes with two Queen-size bed.

The executive deluxe room with 2 queen size bed.

Actually, I think the each bed is actually smaller than a queen size, probably a double bed, nonetheless, its big enough for one adult and one kid. No prize for guessing which kid went over to another room and sleep with the helper.

Close-up of the bed to let you estimate the width. I think can put two pillows nicely side by side with no extra space. So definitely smaller than a queen.

The executive suite also comes with a decently size toilet, which has a bath tub and a standing shower. The kids had a good time doing their soak in the tub.

Free Shuttle Service

Another good thing about One World Hotel is the Free Shuttle Service. The shuttle service brings you to places like Kidzania, Sunway Lagoon, Petronas Twin Tower and KL Sentral Station. For those who didn’t drive up to KL or doesn’t like to brave the traffic yourself, can consider taking the free shuttle. However, there is only 1 time slot per day for most location. So do check out the timing and don’t miss the shuttle like us. We had to take a cab down to Kidszania. But it’s not expensive to take a cab, less than RM10.

Link to 1 Utama Shopping Centre

There is a direct link from the hotel to 1 Utama Shopping Center, which happens to be the world’s 4th largest mall according to CNN. So we just walk over to the mall for our meals and do our shopping. Though I must say they carry a lot of brands which are available in Singapore and after conversion is not much cheaper. But well, at least there isn’t a need to brave the heat, rain and traffic of KL.

We spotted this very awesome indoor playground at 1 Utama on the last day. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the kids), the kids are happily chilling in the room and not with us.

Although the shopping wasn’t great, the entertainment were. Like the indoor playground we spotted (see above) and the cinema. Oh watching a show in Malaysia is so much cheaper than SG. It cost about RM13 for adults and only RM9 for kids! We are paying 3 times more in Singapore. There is supposedly an ice-skating rink too. But the mall is simply too huge, we didn’t cover enough ground to spot the rink.

Swimming Pool

Since it’s a “staycation”, we had to go to the pool right? I didn’t read up much about the pool when I was doing the booking. So I was pleasantly surprise that there is actually a slide at the pool!

The staircase and slide at the pool. 

Though the pool is not big, but since there wasn’t many people, the kids have a good time going up and down the slide. The boy even mimic the pups in Paw Patrol sliding down to their cars. A smaller area also means its easier for us to manage the kids.


Will I come back and stay at the hotel again? You bet. The location is good (next to shopping mall, coach stops at the basement and near to Kidszania) and the service staff are friendly. Even the littlest can recall his “holiday” at the hotel. So if you intend to bring your kids to Kidszania KL, do consider staying at One World Hotel.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We paid everything out of our own pocket to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. We are just sharing it for the benefit of anyone planning for a trip to KL. Information was accurate at time of post.

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