Reflect: June 2017

While a lot of parents celebrate the end of school holidays, I’m those few that is not so happy, cause it means I’m back to waking up early and struggle with the eldest morning routine (read: waking him up).

So here’s what we did during June.

Trip to KL
We brought the kids to KL during June, as part of the June holiday break for the kids. We didn’t do much in the trip as the main highlight was for them to visit Kidszania KL. But it was the kids first experience on the coach, which they really love while Mama still prefers to drive in by ourselves. LOL.

School Holiday Revision
This Mama has been really relaxed during the first semester of the boy’s formal education. But after seeing his result, I think he could have performed better if I have put in more effort to do revision with him and I think its important to build a good foundation for the years to come. So during the school holidays, I set out a few pages (like 4 pages only) of assessment book for the boy to do during the day. I will go through with him only those questions he is unsure of at night. I hope this will help him get better.

After-school Revision
Starting from this term, the boy has been withdrawn from the student care, as we don’t really like their schedule. The nap and tea break time were late, causing him to be active when its close to bed time and affects his intake for dinner. The first few days after school started, there were some tension between the boy and his grandma and helper in the day. As everybody is trying to get use to the schedule and making the boy do his own homework and the assessment I set for him to complete. I think we just have to slowly iron things out.

P1 Registration
As the girl is under Phase 1, P1 registration this year was a breeze. There is no need for us to take leave and queue for the registration. We were informed of the process through email, so it was so convenient. BTW, the P1 registration process is still ongoing, you can check out the vacancies for different school here.

Thankful that this month, the kids are relatively back in good shape after the horrible May. I’m piling the kids with multi-vitamins and water hoping that they will keep it this way. Especially the littlest. With them more healthy, it means we can go for “swimming” (read: water-play), which the kids love. So we visited a pool we haven’t visited since we move and also explored the water playground at Kallang Wave Mall. No pictures as I was busy playing with the kids. Something I want to do more, be with them and not behind the “lens”.

Tasks for Next Month
I’m taking the “start small” approach, i.e. trying to do things little by little and hopefully see some result at the end of the year.

  • Exercise
    I’m suppose to exercise more in June, but only did 2 days of Tabata and gave myself excuses to skip it. LOL. So this month, I’m telling myself that I need to do Tabata at least twice a week. And we will slowly increase the frequency from there if I’m able to be consistent with this result.
  • Revision with the Kids
    The boy has been enjoying life after school since he stopped going for student care. I have decide to push him a little more by giving him more assessment pages to do everyday and hopefully he can “catch-up” to where the school is now.
  • Reading
    This has always been in my to-do list but not much improvement. So starting small, I’m telling myself at least 1 section (the self-help book I’m reading down has sections within a chapter) a day. Let see how this goes by the end of July.

Looks like our June is less busy than our May and I like it! Decluttering is my aim for 2017, I’m glad our June looks less cluttered with activities. LOL. How was your June?

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