PLAYTime! The Magic Jungle

This is the 2nd of the series that we went to watch. Back in Aug, we went to watch “The Magic Ocean“. So being the 2nd time, the boy is more familiar with what he is suppose to do. But again he was still reluctant to follow the actions when he was asked to move around.

PLAYTime! The Magic Jungle.

That is us taking photos with the different color trees before the play starts. And I didn’t know that we can actually borrow stools for the boy since he is not tall enough and spent most of his time standing. We only learn about the stools after the play.

Back to the play, its about the jungle animals (obviously) such as gibbons, flying fox, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, etc. It tries to teach concepts like “gliding” (of the flying fox), stripes (tiger) and spots (leopard). It also tries to teach basic colors as seen in the trees and also secondary colors when you mix the basic colors together.

It certainly was more “educational” then that of the Magic Ocean. However, in terms of story line, I feel The Magic Ocean was better and more enjoyable to watch. It doesn’t teach things so into your face. As such, the boy can recall and talk about the scenes after the show much better. However for this, there isn’t much story to talk about, and the “facts” are things he already know. Nonetheless, its still a pretty good play for the younger ones.

They are having another play “PLAYTime! The Magic Treetop” next March. Its from the same director as “The Magic Ocean”. I will most likely bring the boy again, but I understand that there is a Chinese version in conjunction with Huayi Festival 2013. So I think I will bring him to that. I might bring Loi along since the family package means I only have to pay SGD5 more. It will be a good time to expose her to such plays and see her reaction.

3 thoughts on “PLAYTime! The Magic Jungle

  1. I didn’t manage to catch the Magic Ocean (actually I bought tickets but I TOTALLY forgot about it!!! Wah liao!! I blame the preggers hormones), but we went to see The Magic Forest on a school excursion. Agree with you, the plot is very thin, and I was a bit bored! I didn’t see why they brought the colours theme in when they could have talked more about the animals… But I did like the stripes and spots thing.

    1. Hahaha… yes the stripes and spots were interesting but I think it may be a little difficult for the younger audience to understand. For the play that I went, some kids didn’t know what they really need to do. For “The Magic Ocean”, it was better. They had felt shells all over the area and encourage all the kids to pick it up and “paste” it on the crabs. So it was easier. But of course if you talk about “educational”, it wasn’t that great as compare to teaching about stripes and spots.

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