Sleeping Through

Today is a day to mark on the calender. The girl finally “slept through” the night without any feed! She woke up a few times but manage to soothe herself back to sleep by sucking her thumb (*arghhh but we will settle with that later).

Sleeping through with the girl proof to be more challenging than the boy. Chubby says its because she is on breast milk while Zai was on a mix of breast and formula when he was younger. Probably through since she will digest breast milk much better.

Training her to sleep through has been on going since months back. It was really tough back then. We tried to cut down on her feeds from 3 times a night to 2. And she cried and cried when she wakes up and couldn’t get to suckle. I tried carrying her, patting her but she wouldn’t stop until she gets to latch on.

So we decides to take it easy and let her take a break. So surprisingly, a few weeks ago, she starts to reduce her night feeds to about 2. And I notice her 2nd feed was really short. Like she has barely suckle for a minute she will doze off back to her sleep. Hence, I conclude that she probably could do away with the 2nd feed soon.

From last week I started to make her drop the 2nd feed. She will wake up but if she “sees” me sleeping there, she will just crawl over and lie down beside me, make a few flips and fall back to sleep (sucking her thumb). So for a week, she survived on only 1 feed at around 11+pm.

So yesterday, she cried earlier for her feed. At about 10+ she cried and I was not in the room. Chubby carried her to our bed and she fell asleep on her own very quickly again. So we carried her down back to her bed after a while. And I slept with her throughout the night. Again, she woke up and make noises but manage to soothe herself back to sleep rather quickly. So she succeed in sleeping without any night feed.

Now I just hope she can consistently do it again today and for the rest of the days. She is known to be rather erratic, so we shall see how.

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