PLAYTime! The Magic Ocean

At the recommendation of a mummy from SMB, we went to attend our first PLAYTime!

PLAYTime! Magic Ocean Tix

“PLAYTime! The Magic Ocean” is an interactive play meant for kids from 2 to 4 years. So I brought Zai along to watch and he had a really good time. He wasn’t so familiar with the sea creatures before the play, but now his vocab has increased. Two weeks since the play, and he is still telling me what he saw and remembers part of the plot.

The Magic Ocean – Fishes

The story is about the sea creatures obviously. It started with the fishes, and the were swimming around in the floor rather then the stage. So they come real close to Zai, who was shy initially and didn’t dare go near them. But choose to watch from a distance.

The Magic Ocean – Zai Watching

For the front part sing along, although he was familiar with the tunes (it was using “Wheels on the Bus” but with lyrics changed), he didn’t really follow along. Still choosing to wait and watch. And when asked to stand up and move with them, the boy was also shy. He only kept close to us.

The Magic Ocean – Sitting on Daddy Shoulder

After the kids were told to stand up, some refuses to sit down. So Zai couldn’t actually see, so Chubby actually place him on his shoulder for a better view. We were sitting right at the back so we weren’t blocking anyone. But that was only for a short while as the actors started moving around so we thought its not so good to let him sit up there for too long.

The Magic Ocean – Shark Making Friends

This scene is where the shark is making friends with the fishes. And there was a part where the crabs came out too. But I didn’t manage to take pics of it. The crab asked the kids to walk sideways. Zai didn’t want to do it there, but subsequently, when he went home he remembered and did it when he starts talking about crabs. The kids were also told to take the “shells” and “paste” it on the crab. I asked the boy if he wants to paste and he gladly say yes. And that is when he starts to warm up and get into the show.

The Magic Ocean – Stingray and Jellyfish

Other sea creatures also came along. From the Stingrays to the jellyfish. The boy was attracted to the lights of the Stingray that he can’t help but move forward to touch it. There was also a part of the story where the little whale is looking for his Mummy. I took the opportunity to tell him that he is not to run away on his own otherwise he will be left alone like the baby whale. He remembers and constantly talk about this part of the stories when we are back home.

Overall, its a really enjoyable show. And I’m glad my boy was not afraid. There were a few todds who were crying when the show started. We have already bought the tix to “The Magic Jungle” and I think the boy will enjoy this even more since he is more experience now and he is more familiar with the animals.

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