Loi @ 10 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Waves goodbye
    Yes. She does that when you waves bye to her first. I like it when she waves to us.
  • Pick things up with pincer grasp
    I sort of train her in it. After reading through her previous month development and compare it with his bro, I realize that her pincer grasp is lacking. So for a week every morning, I put her favorite biscuit on a container and get her to pick it up and put it into her mouth on her own. Initially she only manage to pick it up but have a hard time putting it into her mouth. But after about 4 days she mastered the skills. The problem now is she starts picking things on the floor and puts it into her mouth!
  • Crawls Well
    Yes. But most time still creeping which she can moves the fastest. On some occasion she will do it on all fours.
  • Cruises
    She seems to be afraid of standing. So she didn’t take on cruising very well. I only manage to get her to cruise a few times where I purposely stand at the other end of the cot and reach out my arm for her to come over. (However, just on the day she turn 10 months, she started to use her walker and walk a fair bit around the house. Hmmm)

Emerging Skills

  • Says “dada” and “mama” to the right parent (is specific)
    Nope. She hardly call us. My kids always develop slower in their language skills.
  • Responds to name and understands “no”
    Responds to name I think most of the time. Sometime she will ignore us. As for “no”, I don’t think so.
  • Indicates wants with gestures
    She has learn to point but not really for anything. So she also didn’t indicate wants much. Except moving her mouth when she wants to eat whatever we are eating. 😛

Advanced Skills

  • Drinks from a cup
    Nope. I think I should start training her on the straw first. She still uses her sippy cup now.
  • Stands alone for a coupe of seconds
    Don’t think so. As mention she seems to be afraid of standing. The moment we put her standing up she will sit down.
  • Put objects into a container
    Yup. Somethings she will take the toys out and place it back into the box.

2 more months and she will turn 1! Time to plan for her first birthday party!!!

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